Friday, June 7, 2013

When I moved to Michigan...

I got my drivers license 7 years ago yesterday. Want to know how I remember that? I had just gotten my license, giddily hopped in my mom's car and was talking about my plans for the weekend. We pulled out of the DMV and my mom's cell phone rang saying that her 1st Grandchild was about to be born in Michigan.

I was immediately told to pull over, my mom basically threw me out of the car in our driveway in Chicago and she drove to Michigan.

I did not get to drive that weekend.

Then, I ended up moving to Michigan a little over 4 years ago. Which is crazy to me that it's been that long.

I originally moved up here to help my sister watch her kids while she finished up college. (She and I did life very similar- get married young, then figure life) I was really only planning on being here a week, but then because I had no reason to go home...I just...didn't? Then of course a few months later I met Nate and the rest is history.

Today is my niece's 7th birthday. I feel like time goes by SO fast. Especially since when I first moved up here, I was determined to have my life together before my parents came up for her third birthday. She looked like this when I first moved up.

She's my little awkward baby.

I spent all day every day with my nieces before my Brother-in-law got a job that didn't require me to play nanny. I am very much looking forward to spending some serious birthday time with her since her and I have a really close friendship built from hours circling Target getting her little sister to sleep. (She likes to shop, what can I say?) Especially since I feel like she was just having her spongebob birthday party.

This is also the girl that got Uncle Nate to dress up like a Prince for her 4th Princess Party.

And now, it's even more crazy since she looks like this...

And yes, orange is totally her favorite color.

Happy Birthday, Boo! I love your crazy face lots!

Are you guys close with little ones in your family or do they live too far away to be besties with?


  1. superrr cute kiddo!! :) what a good aunt you are... it must have been torture lapping Target over and over again. haha! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, she looks just like you! What a cutie. And may I say, I always look forward to your blog. You are a hoot!

  3. Wow! Sending birthday wishes her way! Hard to believe so many years have gone by! She's looking very 'grown up'! :)
    (seems like there's always a story going on in your family!)

  4. Aww what a great story. My daughters nickname from her Grandma is Boo.


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