Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Score for the Playroom

Something Nate and I have been trying to do is to shop on our local strip- it's still an adjustment, but we are really trying to support local businesses with Lansing trying to turn itself around.

Well, every day on my way to work I would drive by this resale shop with little chairs out front. I never bothered to pull over because I was convinced that they were $10-15 each- and honestly who would spend $30 on little people chairs? Not this kid. But then, one day when I got home, I was just dying to know how much they were so I called.

Guess who scored these adorable little chairs for $5? No, no. Not $5 each- $5 for BOTH.

This kid.


Not to mention that oooohhhh, they're the perfect yellow?

Now, I know that Wookie won't be able to use them for a few years, but we are still continuing on with the playroom like it's being designed for toddler/preschoolers- all of our nieces and our nephew really enjoy having somewhere to run off to when they come to our house so we still wanted to give them that space.

Now, Nate and mine's version of a playroom is old school. We want art stations and thousands of books and PLAY toys- no electronic toys. So, I see this cuties put over in the corner with a little kid sized table with maybe a chalkboard top surrounded by paper and art supplies. Doing a project is way more fun when you have somewhere just your size to do it!

We are hoping to get the wallpaper ordered in the next couple weeks so I can get paint matched and start lightening stuff up in there.

I know we still have like...6 months, but I feel like I want to get the painting and stuff done before there's 5 feet of bump and snow everywhere.

How is everyone else doing?

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Project!

A Project!

Oh my, how I love projects. I feel like I haven't been allowed to do a project in ages.

The bad thing is, about 1/4 of the way through this project it started to rain and I was forced to save the project and resign it for another day.

What was the project?

Painting my crib.

I'll let all the thoughts run through your head and those of you who just can't possibly stand me as a human being anymore are free to click away.

How dare I paint my crib? My precious crib that is going to have my precious baby sleeping in it?!

Ok, bitches, let's get our shit straight. (And for those of you who have been reading me long enough know I mean bitches with all the love in the world)

If you've read me for any amount of time I'd like to think that you know at this point that I am not caught up in that kind of stuff. Ermagherd the vapors. Ermagherd the VOCs. Ermagherd a USED CRIB!

Uh yeah, of course I got a used crib. I bought it before I even knew I was pregnant because it was sitting in a resale shop for $15 bucks.

(And yes, I know technically places aren't supposed to sell used cribs- they're supposed to be like...ceremoniously burned like the deformed babies of yore)

But here's my theory:

They say that this is basically the criteria you need to follow when buying a crib.

The spacing between each spindle is less than a vertical soda can.
There are no posts on the ends that a baby could somehow climb/hang themselves on
There are no shaped cut outs that a baby could somehow get their head into
It shouldn't be a drop side for fear of the drop side crashing down in the middle of the night and popping your babies head off like a cork.

Now, I read this list and I understand the reasoning of each thing. And please know, I don't take this stuff lightly, I've read the articles about bookshelves falling and killing toddlers, and I've read the stories of babies suffocating in bumper pads. I have even personally known babies that have died of SIDS. This crap isn't funny.

It is however ridiculous to live your life constantly in fear that crap like that is going to happen. You can take precautions, but honestly, I'm more concerned about my kid getting kidnapped getting off the bus than I am about having a used crib (And hey- for those thinking I'm insensitive it totally almost happened to me in 7th grade so save your snarky comments for yourselves)

The spacing on the vintage Jenny Lind crib that I have is well within the safety limits- and it is the same shape and design that is being sold for $200 at stores right now. It just so happens to be a drop side.

*oh noez!*

Our solution? Uhhh... we're going to save $185 and bolt the sides in place so the thing can't drop.

Yay! Victory Music!

Now on to the snarky comments about me doing something so crazy dangerous as painting during my pregnancy.

Dudes- do you know how many women do things WAY WORSE than painting during their pregnancy? Plus ohhhh the fact that our mothers and grandmothers were not only painting during their pregnancy, but they were painting with lead paint?

Oh, and then there's this tid bit. I called my doctor to ask- and he told me the same thing. If it makes me feel better not to do it, then don't do it. But if I want to do it, be in a well ventilated area and take frequent water breaks.

So that's what I did.

I did the basic spray paint thing. Wash it, lightly sand it, put it in the sun, prime it, paint it.

The crib is the original dark walnut stain a la 1970.

Also, notice how bright and sunny it was when I started this endeavor? This has happened like the last 4 times I've tried to do a project.

Now, for our inspiration, I've really been obsessed with the idea of a yellow crib.

Seriously. Search for yellow cribs on Pinterest- your heart will explode with happiness. That shit is adorable.

Of course, we have an odd yellow, and we are for sure not hand painting the crib, so we decided for a "good enough" approach- we'll see when everythings put together if it makes me twitch too much.

Remember that we've already been using Pencil as our color that we pulled from the wall paper.

Hygge & West

Well, as I said, I got rained out, but so far with just one coat of the yellow spray paint, bermuda gold by Rustoleum, we have this adorable thing.

I managed to get it back inside before the downpour happened with one coat of paint- it still obviously needs more as between the spindles you can see the walnut- I may even sand this again before continuing just in hopes of it helping. I can say though that I'm so glad I didn't try to do this by hand- it was time intensive spraying- I can't imagine if I'd tried to get all up in there with a foamy brush.

So that's as far as we got. I'm excited to continue- I just want to see it in the room!!!

How was everyone's weekend? Did you get anything awesome done?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weird Dreams

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend- since it was still crazy hot in Michigan until yesterday, I left Nate and the dogs to drive a few hours North to hide in my mom's freezer air conditioned house. We had a very low key weekend. Lots of food, lots of catching up, and a lot of sleeping. Why would I go all that way to not sleep in the air conditioning?

Speaking of sleep, I've been having crazy dreams. Like level 10 crazy. And to make it even weirder, I remember them really well. I thought I'd share a couple of said crazy dreams with you guys.

Did you guys have crazy dreams when you were pregnant? Do you remember any of them?

In other news, Monday is bump day! We are rocking 10 weeks today. Yayyy bump day!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wookie FAQ

We are so happy about all of the support we've been getting from our family and friends- and of course- with support comes lots of QUESTIONS! We thought it'd be easier just to write up a blog post of everything instead of answering everyone individually.

Q: How far along are you/when are you due?
A: We are 9.5 weeks and are due 2/17/14

Q: Does your work know?
A: Yes. My brain was not working well for me and I was making a lot of mistakes- I thought it was better to tell my boss rather than look like I was just messing up a lot.

Q: How are you feeling?
A: Pretty well, actually! I mean, I am very lucky- I have a lot of symptoms but I am apparently not a barfer so far (knock on wood) so as long as that keeps up I'll take the acid reflux, exhaustion and crying any day of the week.

Q: Have you been to your doctors?
A: Yes! We've actually been 3 times already and have seen the baby twice. We most recently saw Wook at 8w2d and were overjoyed to see the baby wiggling around and dancing. This is the ultrasound from that- since it was almost 2 weeks ago we are far superior from this- it's kind of amazing how fast they grow!

Q: How involved is Nate?
A: Uhhh...super involved. If it were up to him I'd do my yoga and rest until this baby was born. I've been teaching him how to make dinners, he's been stalking my water bottle to make sure it's full and he likes to lay on the couch and talk to Wookie.

Q: Where'd the Wookie come from? Is that the baby's real name?
A: No! Wookie is not the real name. Wookie is a play off of Star Wars "Wookiee" Chewbacca. We were joking around that we should call the baby cookie monster because I wanted a cookie really bad one day and Nate said it was so stereotypical, and I said, "What, should we name it Ewok or something?!" and then Wookie got thrown into the mix, stuck, and the baby has been Wookie Monster ever since. It feels more real to have something to call the baby instead of just "it".

Q: Are you planning on continuing to work once the baby gets here?
A: From what it looks like right now, yes. With the roof loan and Nate continuing to go to school the financial stress on him would be too much. We could probably swing it but that's just a lot to put on Nate right now (we thought this would take longer and we'd have things like the roof paid off)

Q: Are you going to find out the gender?
A: Obviously.

Q: Are you sticking with your original nursery design?
A: Yes- we are in love with our design and have no plans to change it.

Q: Would you rather have a girl or a boy?
A: Nate and I are both really comfortable with girls- but we're obviously not going to ship anyone back to the stork if they're a specific gender.

Q: Why'd you decide to tell everyone before you were 12 weeks?
A: Honestly, since we quit smoking, drinking, etc. it was kind of obvious to all of our friends that something was up. It got to a point where more people knew than didn't know (in our personal circles) and since we already would have to announce if something happened- we figured mind as well just go full blown with it.

Q: So is this gunna turn into a baby blog?
A: Probably. I mean- I'm not gunna mommy you to death but there will be a lot of DIY for the nursery and whatever, I promise it won't be bronzed baby booties and pink gingham kind of stuff, but there is going to be baby content on here. If you aren't into the whole baby thing we totally get it if you want to break up with us.

Q: So was this a natural conception then? Or was it medically assisted?
A: We don't know how to answer that question. I had been on PCOS medicine for 18 months when we found out we were pregnant. Does that mean it was medically assisted? I'm not sure because it wasn't IVF. Let's just say I did a lot of work with doctors and I got a baby out of the deal.

Q: Do the dogs know something is up?
A: Yes. Seamus won't let me go to the bathroom alone, and Bridget (who usually is kind of a bitch to me and is completely Nate's dog) is all about snuggling me, rolling against my side, she even does adorable stuff like this: (pardon my squeaky voice- I thought it was super cute as we talked about Wook all night even though I'm fully aware she probably thought I was talking about cookies I still thought it was adorable and may have pregnant cried for like ten minutes after)

Q: Home Birth/Hospital Birth, Doctor/Midwife?
A: I'd love to do a Midwife hospital birth but since my family is chock full of fun prenatal complications, I am rocking the OB at a hospital. Don't get me wrong- I support women doing whatever they feel is best for them (My sister-in-law has done two home births) but we are going the more traditional route I believe. And let's be honest- being gassy has been making me feel awful and weepy so I'm pretty sure there's an epidural in my future. (Hell- Nate might want one before I do...)

Q: Names?
A: Yes- but for now it's Wookie.

Q: What are your fears?
A: Oh the standards. I'm scared we'll lose it, Nate's scared I'll die in childbirth, we're also scared the dogs will try to eat the baby, that we'll lose our minds when it comes to sleep deprivation and that Seamus and the baby will be instantly kidnapped because of their cuteness.

Q: Are you bumping yet?
A: Not to the point that anyone but me can tell. Obviously I'm a bigger girl so I don't think anyone will know I'm bumping until the baby bursts through all the chub. Maybe we should take bets?

Thanks again to everyone for being so excited! I'd go through and thank of you individually but it might be excessive! If I forgot to answer any questions feel free to comment below and I'll try to answer!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Morning Chaos Ensued

First of all, thank you all for your wonderful encouraging words yesterday- we appreciate it very much and love our little internet family!

My mornings are pretty routine. Especially around my "time". Wake up, take a pregnancy test, go smoke a cigarette, come inside, check pregnancy test, shower, get ready for work.

(Yes, I said smoke a cigarette, if you judge me or send me hate comments you don't get to be a part of this party- I made the conscious decision not to quit until we found out we were pregnant because I wanted my life to feel normal among all the disappointment. And yes, that's how used to a negative test I was.)

Well, one morning in my zombie state I went a took a test, went outside to smoke and take the dogs out and came back in. I hobbled back into the bathroom to get in the shower- I was so used to negative tests that I seriously almost didn't check the test. I had to remind myself to go back to look at it.

I popped out of the shower, leaned over to the cabinet, looked at it, got back into the shower, and immediately flung out of the shower and grabbed it.

"What?! WHAT?! TODAY?! WHAT?!...Is it a mistake because of the humidity of the shower? Or did I wait too long to look at it or something?" 

So, I did what any rational adult does- I chugged a bunch of water, peed on another test and when it came back with a faint second line almost instantly I fell back onto the toilet and immediately called my mom.

4 times.

Seriously- if I call your ass at 6 in the morning there's a fucking reason.

I actually ended up having to call my brother's cell phone, waking him up, and then spending 5 minutes convincing him that I actually did want him to wake mom up THIS INSTANT.

Once I finally got a hold of her I went into a very long rant that ended with, "but mom, it has two lines but one is super super faint- what does a faint line mean? No where in this damn book does it tell me what a faint line means"

And she calmly and mostly asleep responded with, "Baby, a line is a line. You're pregnant"

That's when I started sobbing like an idiot.

Oh, and of course it's just my luck that I did this on a whim on a Wednesday and Nate was at work and I wouldn't be able to get a hold of him until his lunch break.

Once I regained my composure I called in sick to work- I was so shaken I don't think I could have driven a car without crashing it.

Then I sat around like an idiot staring at it until 8 when I didn't feel like it was too early for me to tell Brenna.


So I called her. Twice. Seriously people- pick up your phones. And when she finally answered I told her she needed to come to my house RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

And her, in all her brattyness, responded with, "I'm not getting out of bed unless it's an emergency"


After crying and freaking out with Brenna we had the, "oh my god, how do we tell Nate?" moment.

Then, like the best friend she is, we drove all over Lansing (she did- I still couldn't operate a vehicle) gathering stuff to surprise  Nate with when he got home.

This is what we came up with:

And yes, that totally is a plushie Wookie and Death Star and a onesie that says, "I think my Dad is Batman"

I paced like a madwoman waiting for Nate to get home which- totally unsuspicious- I actually waited out on the porch for him to get out of the car. I told him I needed to show him something.

He had just gotten off of work and was irritable and really just wanted to take a shower- but I asked him to humor me.

Then, we went inside, I took off the blindfold, he stared at everything for a few moments and said, "Wait- are you pregnant?"

I said, "Uh-huh!"

Then we screamed, we cried, we danced and had the most wonderful evening daydreaming and planning and talking in circles.

We are so excited for this baby. Wookie is our little gem and we can not wait to meet him/her in February! 

**P:S- We both quit smoking that day cold turkey. :)

*** The plushies and books are from Barnes and Noble and the onesie is from TJ Maxx

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Sound of Silence

Unfortunately in Blogland the sound of silence means only a few things;

1.) You're on vacation and you are a bad blogger because you don't "plan ahead"
2.) You are in the works of selling your house/moving (which seems like everyone is lately)
3.) You're pregnant and can not muster any energy for projects.

Well guess what?

It looks like as soon as we said, "screw it- we're gunna make a nursery anyway" it finally happened.

And, while pregnancy announcement posts can be fun and exciting- since Nate and I did have quite the journey to get to this point- I do feel that twinge of sorrow for all of our friends, readers, and so on that are struggling with infertility issues, PCOS, endometriosis or any other health issue that may prevent them from having children. We send you guys all the hugs in the world.

We are very thankful that we were able to conceive without having to go through IVF or shots or anything like that. Though, after 18 months of doctors appointments and me finally saying that I didn't want to go to the doctor anymore it seems like I'll be going a lot more.

We are super excited to announce "Wookie" to you guys. It is actually still quite early (9 weeks today!)- but since Nate and I couldn't stand to keep it a secret most of the world knows anyway so we thought we'd just go for it and tell everyone.

We were shocked that we found out so early too. I swear- those early detection tests I've been wasting money on for so long seem to actually pick stuff up! We found out we were pregnant only about 2 weeks into it. So, needless to say I've been so paranoid it's not even funny. Like checking for blood every time I pee. (Oh, too much?)

But, at the end of the day, there is so much rejoicing in this kingdom and we are enjoying the experience and are trying to not live in too much fear. Though, we did take our "baby announcement" pictures the same time we did our 3rd anniversary pictures just in case something happened so we'd have a picture with the baby.

I'll go into more details on finding out, how I told Nate, where we are in life, and so forth this week. I hope you guys are ready- because we sure as hell are!

Let the games begin!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Camping with Mason Jars

Oh dear, another Mason Jar guys that follow us on Facebook know what this is going to do to our SEO... *facepalm*

Nate and I have been running off camping lately. It's something that you just have to do in Michigan to have any kind of sense of normalcy.

That, and the floating down the river thing. Which is happening soon. And I'm so excited.

Well, one thing I hate when camping is making snacks. I don't know why- I mean, anyone that camps on a regular basis knows that you need snacks when you're camping or it's possible the world could end. But I'm sorry, everything takes longer when you're camping and the idea of sitting slicing veggies on a picnic table only to then clean it up to then prep dinner in half an hour is just a lot of farting around.

After playing with Salad Jars a few months ago (which, by the way, Nate still thinks is the coolest thing since sliced bread) I decided to try snack jars. My thought process went like this:

"I should really prep some snacks for camping...but I really hate when they get all stupid in the ziplock and the water gets in and it ruins it... you know what's not a ziplock? A freaking mason jar. I will make my snacks in Mason Jars"

And just like that I was off to the races.

The snack jars have a lot of perks- for starters, there was no leaking. Whatever was in there was what stayed in there- nothing got soggy. Also, when the jars seal it keeps things fresher than if you just had cut up strawberries in a bag. With the glass vs. bag thing in mind too, you also have zero trash at the campsite with these, nothing can get squashed, and the glass gets really cold in the ice keeping all your fruits and veggies amazingly cold.

For some of the veggies that wouldn't hold up, I added a little bit of water to the bottom, but mostly I just cut everything up and put it in there.

Our last camping trip was 3 days, for which I had:

1 Jar sliced watermelon (about half a personal watermelon fit in one jar. Nate ate the other half before I could grab another so it all worked out!
1 Jar mixed with sliced strawberries and whole cherries
1 Jar mixed red pepper slices and carrots (I had hummus in the cooler for these bad boys)
1 Jar mixed celery and carrots
4 salad jars that were sliced cherries, sliced strawberries, chicken, spinach and almonds

These were totally a lifesaver. While we had other snacks that didn't need to stay cold, we loved being able to eat healthier when camping. We're the first to admit that camping usually results in pastries and oreos. Having them ready to go in the cooler made camping much more enjoyable and we didn't come home ten pounds heavier. 

What are your tricks for prepping ahead with camping?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Keep Everyone Safe

Did you know that more pets are lost during firework celebrations than not? In fact, more dogs are lost on the 4th of July than any other day in the year.

It's totally true, google it.

Our local Humane Society is really good about posting reminders and things of that nature around this time of year, but for some reason, there are still tons of dogs at every fireworks celebration we have ever gone to.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to pack up the pups, head down to the park, have a little picnic and watch the fireworks with them, but I won't and I would never do that to them.

Dogs hear much better than you or I. You know how sometimes at fireworks you're grabbing your ears because it is just slightly too loud for comfort for you? This probably sounds like someone is firing a gun into your dogs ear, while screaming, and blowing a whistle- which is why dogs and spooked and book it.

Honestly, if they look like this during a thunderstorm, why would you take them to fireworks?

Here are my hints to keep everyone safe. (Now remember, I'm not a dog expert- I just live with the things and this is what has worked for us)

1.) Leave them home!
Let the poor things hide where they feel safe- they are going to be extra fidgety and easily spooked as it is, if they're at home you at least know where they are.

2.) Leave your windows closed that night.
Try to muffle the noise out as best you can.

3.) If you have an especially nervous dog, crate them on active fireworks nights.
Throw a blanket over their crate, give them a giant deer antler and let them hide in their cave. This will also help your peace of mind knowing they are hulking out of a window/whatever.

4.) Don't let them outside by themselves.
I don't care if you have the most secure fenced in yard on the planet- if your dog is spooked they will find a way to get out and book it away from what scared them. Go out with them so they feel safe knowing alpha is close by. This is also highly recommended if you live by a fireworks site to ensure your dogs aren't eating blown up sulfur off the ground that has floated into your yard.

5.) If you're "Meh" about fireworks/crowds as it is, stay home with them.
Everything is better when alpha is home.

6.) Make sure your dog is wearing clear and visible ID tags.
ID tags are the first thing people check for, make sure they find it.

Now, for those unfortunate enough to lose a dog this time of year (and I'm so sorry!) here are some hints for trying to get your dog back.

1.) Microchip your dog.
It is technically illegal to keep a dog when they have a microchip registered to someone else. This will not only make it so a vet/pound will call you if they find your dog, but if you come across someone with your dog randomly ("Oh, I found him, I liked him, and I decided to keep him") they have to give you your dog back. You can take legal action if they don't and you'll win.

2.) Immediately call your vet/microchip company/local animal control when you discover your dog is missing.
Your vet and microchip company can flag your dog's chip as active and send alerts to every pound in your state so where ever your baby ends up, they know he has owners looking for him. There are places that take how quickly you act into account when you are trying to get your dog back. (Oh, your dog's been missing for two weeks and you never came looking for him?) The faster you act, the more likely your dog is going to come back to you/not get adopted out.

3.) Post a sign in YOUR yard.
If your dog is missing, post a sign in your yard with a picture. People in your neighborhood who find a dog and are able to get it into their cars usually drive around looking for someone in a frantic search. If you post in your yard that you are missing someone, it gives people an obvious landmark.

4.) Post signs around your neighborhood/post an ad on craigslist.
Craigslist has a lost/found section as well as a generic pet section. This will give you a broader audience when looking for your dog. Posting in your neighborhood also helps. Just remember, your dog could be anywhere.

5.) Tweet!
Lansing has a city hashtag (#lovelansing) and if I hear about a dog missing/find a dog, I always tweet that I've found x breed in x town and for someone to DM me if they know anything about it. More people have twitter than use the pet section in craigslist, so you may catch someone you weren't expecting who will know where your guy is.

6.) Use your neighborhood association.
My neighborhood is huge, when I find a dog in the neighborhood (which is often...) I always e-mail my neighborhood association trying to figure out clues.

Also remember that a lot of these tricks for if you lose a dog can be implemented if you find one. Please take the extra time this year to get that lost dog somewhere safe. If you see one running in your neighborhood, try to coax it to you. I couldn't imagine if I lost my scruffs and someone just drove past.

This week is supposed to be about celebrating and having some good old fashioned summer fun. Let's all put a little extra effort into keeping all our scruffies safe!