Monday, July 29, 2013

A Project!

A Project!

Oh my, how I love projects. I feel like I haven't been allowed to do a project in ages.

The bad thing is, about 1/4 of the way through this project it started to rain and I was forced to save the project and resign it for another day.

What was the project?

Painting my crib.

I'll let all the thoughts run through your head and those of you who just can't possibly stand me as a human being anymore are free to click away.

How dare I paint my crib? My precious crib that is going to have my precious baby sleeping in it?!

Ok, bitches, let's get our shit straight. (And for those of you who have been reading me long enough know I mean bitches with all the love in the world)

If you've read me for any amount of time I'd like to think that you know at this point that I am not caught up in that kind of stuff. Ermagherd the vapors. Ermagherd the VOCs. Ermagherd a USED CRIB!

Uh yeah, of course I got a used crib. I bought it before I even knew I was pregnant because it was sitting in a resale shop for $15 bucks.

(And yes, I know technically places aren't supposed to sell used cribs- they're supposed to be like...ceremoniously burned like the deformed babies of yore)

But here's my theory:

They say that this is basically the criteria you need to follow when buying a crib.

The spacing between each spindle is less than a vertical soda can.
There are no posts on the ends that a baby could somehow climb/hang themselves on
There are no shaped cut outs that a baby could somehow get their head into
It shouldn't be a drop side for fear of the drop side crashing down in the middle of the night and popping your babies head off like a cork.

Now, I read this list and I understand the reasoning of each thing. And please know, I don't take this stuff lightly, I've read the articles about bookshelves falling and killing toddlers, and I've read the stories of babies suffocating in bumper pads. I have even personally known babies that have died of SIDS. This crap isn't funny.

It is however ridiculous to live your life constantly in fear that crap like that is going to happen. You can take precautions, but honestly, I'm more concerned about my kid getting kidnapped getting off the bus than I am about having a used crib (And hey- for those thinking I'm insensitive it totally almost happened to me in 7th grade so save your snarky comments for yourselves)

The spacing on the vintage Jenny Lind crib that I have is well within the safety limits- and it is the same shape and design that is being sold for $200 at stores right now. It just so happens to be a drop side.

*oh noez!*

Our solution? Uhhh... we're going to save $185 and bolt the sides in place so the thing can't drop.

Yay! Victory Music!

Now on to the snarky comments about me doing something so crazy dangerous as painting during my pregnancy.

Dudes- do you know how many women do things WAY WORSE than painting during their pregnancy? Plus ohhhh the fact that our mothers and grandmothers were not only painting during their pregnancy, but they were painting with lead paint?

Oh, and then there's this tid bit. I called my doctor to ask- and he told me the same thing. If it makes me feel better not to do it, then don't do it. But if I want to do it, be in a well ventilated area and take frequent water breaks.

So that's what I did.

I did the basic spray paint thing. Wash it, lightly sand it, put it in the sun, prime it, paint it.

The crib is the original dark walnut stain a la 1970.

Also, notice how bright and sunny it was when I started this endeavor? This has happened like the last 4 times I've tried to do a project.

Now, for our inspiration, I've really been obsessed with the idea of a yellow crib.

Seriously. Search for yellow cribs on Pinterest- your heart will explode with happiness. That shit is adorable.

Of course, we have an odd yellow, and we are for sure not hand painting the crib, so we decided for a "good enough" approach- we'll see when everythings put together if it makes me twitch too much.

Remember that we've already been using Pencil as our color that we pulled from the wall paper.

Hygge & West

Well, as I said, I got rained out, but so far with just one coat of the yellow spray paint, bermuda gold by Rustoleum, we have this adorable thing.

I managed to get it back inside before the downpour happened with one coat of paint- it still obviously needs more as between the spindles you can see the walnut- I may even sand this again before continuing just in hopes of it helping. I can say though that I'm so glad I didn't try to do this by hand- it was time intensive spraying- I can't imagine if I'd tried to get all up in there with a foamy brush.

So that's as far as we got. I'm excited to continue- I just want to see it in the room!!!

How was everyone's weekend? Did you get anything awesome done?


  1. Looking great! I think I mentioned before that we had the same crib for our first three, and I WISH it had occurred to me to paint it a fun color. The drop side thing makes me feel so old, because it happened in between when Gus and Abe were born. My SEVEN year old was allowed to have a drop side crib, but my baby's not. But I get it--safety first and all that. Non-drop-side cribs are a pain in the ass for short people, though. The baby's so far down in that thing. Anyway--based on what I've seen so far, I'm very excited about watching your nursery come together!

  2. Yeah, a project! I think your crib is going to be adorable. Can't wait to see the nursery all done :)

  3. I'm excited to see your finished crib. It will be ADORABLE!

  4. I totally hear ya on the whole panic and fret stuff - I've never bought into most of it myself. Somehow everyone I know has survived into our late 40s while eating dirt, drinking from fire hoses, riding bikes without helmets, sharing popsicles, being around unlocked cupboards, and all manner of other scary and deadly crap as kids. Worry about the big stuff or go insane with fear. I'll take the big stuff only please.

    I had a Jenny Lind twin bed that was my mom's when she was little. It was in storage for zillion years at my grandparent's house in North Carolina, and because I had no way of getting it up to Michigan, it went to my cousin. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER over that one!!!! :-(

    Anyway --- your crib is going to be fantastic!!!! Can't wait to see it all pulled together and perfect!!

  5. That is going to be super cute! My mother has the 33 year old crib that my brother and I slept in up for my nephew now. My dad just cleaned it up, restained it, and fixed the dropside so that it couldn't move. Not sure that it's any less dangerous though since my mom had to stand on a stool to get my nephew out of it when he was a baby (he's 2 now).

  6. Love it! Great, great color! So fun!

    And don't worry about the "well-intentioned" advice you get. From the moment you announce your pregnancy until your kid graduates, people have an opinion or statistic. Live it your way and let it be happy.(there - how's that for advice?) ;)

  7. love that you're going yellow with it :) woo hoo!!

  8. That is going to look so great!

    Last year I got mocked because I didn't know they didn't mark drop side cribs anymore. I think we can spend a lifetime worrying about what could happen when we might as well just leap head first into life and spray paint and bolt together our cribs or whatever strikes our fancy.

    So happy for you guys and your little one in progress.

  9. Cute color choice. Love Jenny Lind classic!

  10. Love the yellow. Love it. And love a commonsense approach to baby-raising. And speaking of heads getting stuck and all--I was fairly anal about a lot of parenting stuff. My kids never got their heads stuck in the bars of the used cribs we borrowed from someone else. My son did, however, once get his head stuck in the book return slot at the library. It's the stuff you never saw coming that will get you every time! :-)

  11. Oh I love the yellow crib! It's surprising how we all survived the "dangerous world" that we grew up in...


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