Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Score for the Playroom

Something Nate and I have been trying to do is to shop on our local strip- it's still an adjustment, but we are really trying to support local businesses with Lansing trying to turn itself around.

Well, every day on my way to work I would drive by this resale shop with little chairs out front. I never bothered to pull over because I was convinced that they were $10-15 each- and honestly who would spend $30 on little people chairs? Not this kid. But then, one day when I got home, I was just dying to know how much they were so I called.

Guess who scored these adorable little chairs for $5? No, no. Not $5 each- $5 for BOTH.

This kid.


Not to mention that oooohhhh, they're the perfect yellow?

Now, I know that Wookie won't be able to use them for a few years, but we are still continuing on with the playroom like it's being designed for toddler/preschoolers- all of our nieces and our nephew really enjoy having somewhere to run off to when they come to our house so we still wanted to give them that space.

Now, Nate and mine's version of a playroom is old school. We want art stations and thousands of books and PLAY toys- no electronic toys. So, I see this cuties put over in the corner with a little kid sized table with maybe a chalkboard top surrounded by paper and art supplies. Doing a project is way more fun when you have somewhere just your size to do it!

We are hoping to get the wallpaper ordered in the next couple weeks so I can get paint matched and start lightening stuff up in there.

I know we still have like...6 months, but I feel like I want to get the painting and stuff done before there's 5 feet of bump and snow everywhere.

How is everyone else doing?


  1. Adorable chairs!! Those are just about my age!! LOL I remember sitting on chairs like that at the doctor's office waiting room when I was little (ahem - 40+ years ago). They will be great in your playroom - and I think you are totally on the right track with NO electronics!! Brain power only!!

    I love it - five feet of bump and snow!! Pregnancy in Michigan for sure! ;-)

  2. Those chairs are so fun! Reminds me of the old days in elementary school. Super cute - love the color!!

  3. those are perfect! And such a good deal!

  4. How come I never score amazing deals like that?!!

  5. Adorable!!

    That's my idea of a playroom, too!!

    Chalkboard, table, art supplies, easel, play kitchen, book shelves, reading nook... ahhhh amazing!!!

  6. Have not heard from you in awhile - hoping mom and Wookie are doing well! :-)


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