Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Camping with Mason Jars

Oh dear, another Mason Jar guys that follow us on Facebook know what this is going to do to our SEO... *facepalm*

Nate and I have been running off camping lately. It's something that you just have to do in Michigan to have any kind of sense of normalcy.

That, and the floating down the river thing. Which is happening soon. And I'm so excited.

Well, one thing I hate when camping is making snacks. I don't know why- I mean, anyone that camps on a regular basis knows that you need snacks when you're camping or it's possible the world could end. But I'm sorry, everything takes longer when you're camping and the idea of sitting slicing veggies on a picnic table only to then clean it up to then prep dinner in half an hour is just a lot of farting around.

After playing with Salad Jars a few months ago (which, by the way, Nate still thinks is the coolest thing since sliced bread) I decided to try snack jars. My thought process went like this:

"I should really prep some snacks for camping...but I really hate when they get all stupid in the ziplock and the water gets in and it ruins it... you know what's not a ziplock? A freaking mason jar. I will make my snacks in Mason Jars"

And just like that I was off to the races.

The snack jars have a lot of perks- for starters, there was no leaking. Whatever was in there was what stayed in there- nothing got soggy. Also, when the jars seal it keeps things fresher than if you just had cut up strawberries in a bag. With the glass vs. bag thing in mind too, you also have zero trash at the campsite with these, nothing can get squashed, and the glass gets really cold in the ice keeping all your fruits and veggies amazingly cold.

For some of the veggies that wouldn't hold up, I added a little bit of water to the bottom, but mostly I just cut everything up and put it in there.

Our last camping trip was 3 days, for which I had:

1 Jar sliced watermelon (about half a personal watermelon fit in one jar. Nate ate the other half before I could grab another so it all worked out!
1 Jar mixed with sliced strawberries and whole cherries
1 Jar mixed red pepper slices and carrots (I had hummus in the cooler for these bad boys)
1 Jar mixed celery and carrots
4 salad jars that were sliced cherries, sliced strawberries, chicken, spinach and almonds

These were totally a lifesaver. While we had other snacks that didn't need to stay cold, we loved being able to eat healthier when camping. We're the first to admit that camping usually results in pastries and oreos. Having them ready to go in the cooler made camping much more enjoyable and we didn't come home ten pounds heavier. 

What are your tricks for prepping ahead with camping?


  1. OK, true confession: I am SO sick of mason jar ANYTHING that I almost didn't click through to read this. But, I thought: It's Emma. If there's anyone who might write something about mason jars that won't make me cranky with annoyance, it's Emma.

    This is so smart and practical--two things mason jars are designed to be. We have conceded this summer that we just aren't campers (food being one of the big reasons why), and this post almost has me regretting that we gave our tent away!

  2. I love Mason jars. I swear, people are always coming up with new uses for them :) The end.

  3. I"m just mad there are no CAMPING PICTURES! DOn't let it happen again :) Great snacks!

  4. My trick for prepping snacks for camping is, uhh....not going camping. But we always MEAN to. And I'm with Kenz that we need camping pictures :)

  5. Such a great idea! We camp a lot and this would make it so much easier to eat healthier! We have a camper with a full kitchen so it shouldn't be an issue but it seems like I just get so lazy once we are there. Wait, who am I kidding, I'm lazy ALL the time :-)

  6. Ok - check - this - out!!! Someone is a freaking millionaire (well, maybe not yet, but soon I'm sure) for thinking of this!!

    1. oh wow, that is genius! I wish it was glass though!


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