Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wookie FAQ

We are so happy about all of the support we've been getting from our family and friends- and of course- with support comes lots of QUESTIONS! We thought it'd be easier just to write up a blog post of everything instead of answering everyone individually.

Q: How far along are you/when are you due?
A: We are 9.5 weeks and are due 2/17/14

Q: Does your work know?
A: Yes. My brain was not working well for me and I was making a lot of mistakes- I thought it was better to tell my boss rather than look like I was just messing up a lot.

Q: How are you feeling?
A: Pretty well, actually! I mean, I am very lucky- I have a lot of symptoms but I am apparently not a barfer so far (knock on wood) so as long as that keeps up I'll take the acid reflux, exhaustion and crying any day of the week.

Q: Have you been to your doctors?
A: Yes! We've actually been 3 times already and have seen the baby twice. We most recently saw Wook at 8w2d and were overjoyed to see the baby wiggling around and dancing. This is the ultrasound from that- since it was almost 2 weeks ago we are far superior from this- it's kind of amazing how fast they grow!

Q: How involved is Nate?
A: Uhhh...super involved. If it were up to him I'd do my yoga and rest until this baby was born. I've been teaching him how to make dinners, he's been stalking my water bottle to make sure it's full and he likes to lay on the couch and talk to Wookie.

Q: Where'd the Wookie come from? Is that the baby's real name?
A: No! Wookie is not the real name. Wookie is a play off of Star Wars "Wookiee" Chewbacca. We were joking around that we should call the baby cookie monster because I wanted a cookie really bad one day and Nate said it was so stereotypical, and I said, "What, should we name it Ewok or something?!" and then Wookie got thrown into the mix, stuck, and the baby has been Wookie Monster ever since. It feels more real to have something to call the baby instead of just "it".

Q: Are you planning on continuing to work once the baby gets here?
A: From what it looks like right now, yes. With the roof loan and Nate continuing to go to school the financial stress on him would be too much. We could probably swing it but that's just a lot to put on Nate right now (we thought this would take longer and we'd have things like the roof paid off)

Q: Are you going to find out the gender?
A: Obviously.

Q: Are you sticking with your original nursery design?
A: Yes- we are in love with our design and have no plans to change it.

Q: Would you rather have a girl or a boy?
A: Nate and I are both really comfortable with girls- but we're obviously not going to ship anyone back to the stork if they're a specific gender.

Q: Why'd you decide to tell everyone before you were 12 weeks?
A: Honestly, since we quit smoking, drinking, etc. it was kind of obvious to all of our friends that something was up. It got to a point where more people knew than didn't know (in our personal circles) and since we already would have to announce if something happened- we figured mind as well just go full blown with it.

Q: So is this gunna turn into a baby blog?
A: Probably. I mean- I'm not gunna mommy you to death but there will be a lot of DIY for the nursery and whatever, I promise it won't be bronzed baby booties and pink gingham kind of stuff, but there is going to be baby content on here. If you aren't into the whole baby thing we totally get it if you want to break up with us.

Q: So was this a natural conception then? Or was it medically assisted?
A: We don't know how to answer that question. I had been on PCOS medicine for 18 months when we found out we were pregnant. Does that mean it was medically assisted? I'm not sure because it wasn't IVF. Let's just say I did a lot of work with doctors and I got a baby out of the deal.

Q: Do the dogs know something is up?
A: Yes. Seamus won't let me go to the bathroom alone, and Bridget (who usually is kind of a bitch to me and is completely Nate's dog) is all about snuggling me, rolling against my side, she even does adorable stuff like this: (pardon my squeaky voice- I thought it was super cute as we talked about Wook all night even though I'm fully aware she probably thought I was talking about cookies I still thought it was adorable and may have pregnant cried for like ten minutes after)

Q: Home Birth/Hospital Birth, Doctor/Midwife?
A: I'd love to do a Midwife hospital birth but since my family is chock full of fun prenatal complications, I am rocking the OB at a hospital. Don't get me wrong- I support women doing whatever they feel is best for them (My sister-in-law has done two home births) but we are going the more traditional route I believe. And let's be honest- being gassy has been making me feel awful and weepy so I'm pretty sure there's an epidural in my future. (Hell- Nate might want one before I do...)

Q: Names?
A: Yes- but for now it's Wookie.

Q: What are your fears?
A: Oh the standards. I'm scared we'll lose it, Nate's scared I'll die in childbirth, we're also scared the dogs will try to eat the baby, that we'll lose our minds when it comes to sleep deprivation and that Seamus and the baby will be instantly kidnapped because of their cuteness.

Q: Are you bumping yet?
A: Not to the point that anyone but me can tell. Obviously I'm a bigger girl so I don't think anyone will know I'm bumping until the baby bursts through all the chub. Maybe we should take bets?

Thanks again to everyone for being so excited! I'd go through and thank of you individually but it might be excessive! If I forgot to answer any questions feel free to comment below and I'll try to answer!


  1. Oh gosh, the video is so damn cute! Looks like Team Wookie is full on! You two must just be giddy with excitement! Did people really ask you some of those questions!?!? Interesting. So happy for you, Emma!

    1. Go Team Wook! And yes, we announced to our friends earlier this week so we've been getting LOTS of questions! Thanks for your support!

  2. Have I mentioned that I'm excited? ooh, I have a question! Will we get to help you obsess about baby names?! Obsessing about baby names is my favorite. Have you been to yet? It's my favorite place to obsess.


    Our kids will totally share birthdays!! I mean, mine will be 5, BUT STILL!!!

  4. congrats!!! I am 6 months along and I have PCOS too. This was a surprise miracle baby! I am excited to follow along on your journey!!

  5. Congrats again! This post made me laugh and even more happy for the both of you!


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