Monday, August 12, 2013

A To Do List.

Lately, I've spent a lot of time glaring at various things in my house. I guess when you spend most evenings on the couch you start to notice things...

I've noticed a lot of things. Things I want done before the baby gets here.

But. They are things that certainly do not have to get done at all- they're more my crazy need for things to be nice than anything else.

So here is my crazy pregnant lady list.

1.) Add cabinet doors to the bottom shelves of the built in bookshelves to keep wires/dvds/etc out of reach/sight/temptation.

This is super bothering me and I want it resolved. Now.

2.) Repaint the white trim in the rooms with white trim.
There are dings from moving furniture, scratches from jumping dogs...all that good stuff. I'd love to get a fresh coat of white up.

I have been staring at this wall of doom forever. I'm over it and it needs to be fixed. Of course, there is no way I'm getting up on scaffolding so it looks like this will be a Nate and Brenna project. It needs to be stripped and painted...and not glue covered...

4.) Make a Family Command Center
Nate and I have never been calendar people- there's never been a reason- every week is the same. ...Except now it's not. We'll soon have daycare to plan, maternity dates, hell, even now we have like a million doctor's appointments and stuff so it's just getting crazy. Between Nate going to school and me constantly being at appointments we really need to get our shit together. Please, before the holiday season...

5.) Build a storage system in the basement.
We talked a bit about this in this post, but as we have a lot of things that will be going the way of plastic storage bins out of Wookie's room, this really needs to happen to keep everything off the floors.

6.) Build an office.
I have my bead studio, but there is NO WHERE for a filing cabinet in my studio and did you know that those EOBs from Blue Cross actually mean something? Amazing. Now I have to store them....ugh- even though I'm an office manager, my home organization is terrible- I really need to get this shit together.

7.) Have the ducts cleaned.
I do not want my baby (or myself) to be breathing 110 years of dust (who knows if they ever got cleaned before?) We meant to do it last year but the year got ahead of us and we never got around to it.

8.) Get the garage fixed.
We have mentioned this about 10000 times and last time my guy friend Robby was up he took a look at it and it appears that we just need a new top panel and a new chain (the motor works and everything). I would really like to get the garage fixed so 8 month pregnant Emma is not walking on potential ice in January instead of just going through the garage.

9.) Add a railing to the basement stairs.
My husband may have taken it off and never reinstalled it. Now he doesn't want to because he thinks it makes the stairs too narrow. I need a railing because my balance is already off on those painted stairs of doom. MY WORD IS LAW.

10.) Go on a vacation with Nate.
I really want to go somewhere, just Nate and  I for at least a weekend. Somewhere in a hotel where we can not cook, clean, or do anything. A Babymoon, if you will.

What did you guys feel needed to be done when you were having kids? Any crazy weird thoughts?


  1. Definitely do #10! We kept meaning to do that this time, but it's way harder when you have existing kids to find somewhere to put while you're gone.

  2. solid plans! added doors to those lower cabinets is an excellent idea,n and a babymoon is as well :)

  3. Gosh, I became obsessed with our drafty windows, especially in the future nursery. And at the time, I had a husband who didn't want to replace them till we had all the money to do the whole level, and I was worried my future baby would get pneumonia. I won! That, and cleaning everything in sight before the baby was born, ha ha!

    1. Hey, I totally understand drafty windows! (Especially since we live in Michigan...) I made us replace the worst ones when we did the roof, there is a screen missing in Wookie's room and that is driving me crazy.

  4. Not to be gloomy and weird, but the only thing on my to-do list was deliver live babies. OK, and finish two baby quilts. I was put on bedrest at 4.5 months, which definitely put a HUGE damper on all the getting ready for baby fun. But here's the thing (and why I'm going to what could seem like a downer place in response to a happy post): I realized that none of that house/nursery stuff really matters. Their dad took care of procuring the basics. We had a crib and it had sheets, and we had basic baby clothing. It was plenty. Anything else you get done before the baby arrives is frosting. Sweet and fun and delicious--but not the cake. And frosting should never be anything but enjoyed, you know? Eat as much as you can without getting sick! OK, I know I've now officially beat this metaphor to death. ;-) (Oh, and I did get one quilt done--during the 2 hours a day I was allowed to sit up.) Even though 7, 8, and 9 are not super-fun projects, I'd start with those. Cake first. It's still sweet! (Couldn't help myself.)

    1. Oh, Rita- It's not gloomy at all! Nate and I have had conversations along the lines of "if we have blankets and an empty drawer when we come home from the hospital that's enough before we get to the store"

      These are all just silly, trivial things that would make my obsession with a pretty house feel better- none of them will be put before a healthy baby!!

  5. My hubby and I use a Google Calendar to organize our dates. It’s not as pretty as a calendar in a command center, but soooo practical since we can update and view it from our phones, computers, anywhere.

  6. Solid list, but don't get too overwhelmed. I think the biggest things are doors on the entertainment center and a baby moon. Everything else can wait! xo

  7. Being pregnant is so funny. I would obsess about certain things when I was pregnant with Ramona. I would fixate on them. It drove Nick crazy! I haven't really done that this time around...probably since I'm not looking around my house. Good luck knocking it all out but don't exhaust yourself!


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