Friday, August 9, 2013

National Holiday(s)

If you guys notice, we were quiet this week. Those of you that follow us on Facebook know the reason but I thought we'd pop in with a little life update! ...with PICTURES.

Why haven't we been posting this week?

Nate and I have always been Shark Week freaks- we have even been known to hide at restaurants that will play it when we didn't have cable. Yeah...some people go to bars for sporting events- we go for sharks leaping out of the water.

I mean, come on- you don't want to watch this all week?

You may have even noticed in pictures of our Master Bedroom that we have a guest.

...That's "Shark"...he's my buddy.

We did have a little exciting baby development this week- we are officially over 12 weeks which makes us just elated. Although my bump picture this week was very deceiving due to the pattern on my dress- I think we will not be wearing patterns for bump pictures from now on.

I think this is a much better representation of where we are at. There's definitely a bump. I definitely can't wear normal jeans (OMFG have you WORN Maternity jeans? I feel like Flanders wearing "nothing at all!") but it's not like I have a small country under there yet. These pictures are from a wedding we went to in May (which is about where we started at) and a wedding we went to last weekend.

We also found out at the doctor this week that I'm down 10lbs. a little odd since I'm not throwing up, but hey- I'll take it! It must be because Wook hate's hamburger and we mostly eat a lot of fruit.

Wookie was playing along with Shark Week though, every time we found the heartbeat on the doppler Wookie would swim away- so it was really quiet, but we blasted it through our car speakers for the grandparents. I thought I'd share it with you guys, too.

Nate also was amazingly adorable and surprised me last night with the stroller and car seat that we wanted! He found them on super clearance (yay!) and in a pattern we hadn't seen!

The pattern?



We went with an Evenflo Embrace. Our options were very limited as our car is so small and this was about the only option we could find that had good safety ratings that fit in our backseat (you get too small and it starts not being the best). We had been seeing it a lot in green and purple so we were going to register for it in green (which runs about $80 for the car seat)- after a lot of digging I was able to find the pattern on Amazon at a crazy high price...

Nate found this set for $90 on clearance at target! It must have been a special order (assuming since we've never even seen the embrace at Target- we've been seeing it at Wal-Mart) Basically we got the stroller for FREE! And, it's in an awesome pattern- could that be any more of a win-win? Oh, besides the fact that it is super easy to attach and unlock it from the base and the stroller, and the stroller has one button that collapses it.

Now, my only issue with this is that I can't fully test it out as I am sans baby until February :) I guess that's the problem with buying stuff early, but you know us, if you see it, you know you need it, it's on sale, DON'T LEAVE IT THERE! This has saved our butts more than once.

It also helped that Nate was ADORABLE putting all this stuff together last night. Proud papa was beaming.

So that is what is going on in our neck of the woods right now. I hope everyone is well! I am also hoping to get some stuff done for the nursery this weekend (ordering wallpaper, anyone?)

What's going on with everyone else?


  1. Thats our wedding! :)

  2. I lost a bunch of weight first semester too, no puking, just only craved cereal and strawberries. Don't worry, it'll get ya, I remember cringing at that damn scale near the end....

  3. You look wonderful!! Glad all is well, and that shark week was a chomping success. (cornball, sorry)

  4. Living life without TV during Shark Week is no way to live life... which is how we've been living. I even called Comcast this week to bring TV back into my life. haha. Pathetic much? BUT luckily I did get to catch a few hrs of Shark Week at the ER today. SO win win, right?... and cute little bump you got there lady.

  5. Oh baby bumps! I feel like you are going to put me to complete shame on my lack of documenting my pregnancy. It's true I'm awful.


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