Monday, August 26, 2013


Last night we ventured upstairs to measure the walls to order wallpaper.

Of course, we have the jankiest walls EVER. So, I'll be calling Hygge and West and asking them how the hell I'm supposed to do this...

 Everything is really waiting on the wallpaper. I can't paint the walls until I have something to color match and I can't paint the furniture for the same reason.

Nate is on a mission to finish cleaning out the playroom and I really need to get around to finishing the crib. My doctor gave my permission to spray paint if I wore proper protective gear and worked outside, but man, it is too hot to be in that mask for long periods of time! I've gotten two pieces of the crib done so far because it's just been too hot or too muggy for me to be all dolled up like a surgeon.

I think another reason the wallpaper is so hard to measure for is because of the whole pattern repeat thing. Hygge & West has the wallpaper listed as 27 inches wide by 30 feet long with a 3 foot repeat.

Well, that's fine and dandy but with those angles my little preggy brain is about to explode. Does anyone have any hints?

On the plus side, we are DEFINITELY pregnant as shown by this picture.

 Has anyone wallpapered an odd surface before? How did you go about it? (If you've written a blog post about it please feel free to leave a link! I'd love the help!)


  1. Dude. I am SO LOST when it comes to wall paper. I wish I could help. But I have literally no experience with the stuff except for ripping it down. Have you contacted them directly? I'm surprised they don't have a "how to measure" feature on their site, to help people order. Best of luck on that front! And cute bump :)

  2. you should wear that pretty blue dress for all the pictures! i tried to do monthly but forgot :/ I am due in 10 weeks and have 4 good belly shot pictures lol

  3. Not sure if there is a ton of help here - but it sure is an awesome Pinboard for attic rooms!!

    Find something you can do where you have to rip out walls or something - it's a great hormonal release. :-)
    (with proper breathing protection, of course!)

  4. I have no clue, but I'm glad that you will figure it out for me! ;)

  5. Good luck with the wallpaper! I was an interior design major for a year and figuring wallpaper repeats always gave me a headache. If you're ordering from a store though, I bet they would send someone out to measure for you and give you some pointers for getting all your angles to line up.

    You look adorable! I love that dress

  6. Oh holy hell, the thought of figuring wallpaper on all those angles makes my head hurt! Paint it!

    You are looking fabulous and happy and glowing these days, my dear!

  7. ughh measurements, I hope they're able to help you with it. Mostly because I can't wait to see it. But also for you... lol

  8. Oh how cute you are! Love the ramblings and baby progress pics! I'd go with paint as well. Sorry I know nothing of wall paper. Again you look fabulous and congrats to you both!


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