Friday, September 13, 2013

Breaking My Sister's House Part 2: The Kitchen

As we talked about yesterday, my sister bought her first house last month. This is how I'd ruin her kitchen.

Hannah's house came with a very nice kitchen. However, it doesn't really work with anything that she already owns.

Hannah LOVES cobalt blues, whites, and yellows. Think...french country kitchen. So even though her kitchen is's not exactly her.

Let's take a peek.

First thing I'd do would be to paint the walls a soft blue- she shouldn't paint the walls yellow because of her honey oak cabinets. It'd just be too much! Though, if I was allowed, and let's say for the sake of it that I am, I'd either lacquer the cabinets white or I would stain them a darker wood. Then, I would take the darkest gradient of blue on the paint chip she used and paint the bead board under the breakfast bar.

I'd add some white bar x-back bar stools to lighten it up as well as a thrifted chandelier painted white and swagged over the bar. If it prove to offset the lighting in there too much I would add under cabinet lights.

I'd also rip out the concrete back splash (again, from the guy being a concrete worker both the counter tops are stained concrete and the back splash is stamped) and add a white subway tile to brighten it up. I'd be tempted to even run it vertically like Michelle did in her bathroom to mimic the bead board around the kitchen.

If I was feeling really feisty I would replace the counters with a mix butcher block and a white gray quartz. I'd also add a touch of modern by adding a yellow chevron kitchen mat under her sink.

I'd also remove that red valance from the window and add burn out curtains like I have in my kitchen. They give privacy but sun still comes through. I think these ones from World Market are beautiful and very feminine.

As she has french sliders on the eat in side of her kitchen, I'd also buy a pair of these for those.

Those french sliders go out to the backyard that we looked at yesterday and the door next to the breakfast bar is her utility room (the house doesn't have a basement) We'll get into the utility room later because it's where the most chaos seems to have landed.

So in this area, imagine we already have the x-back bar stools, blue walls, and those pretty burnout curtains on the sliders.

To match the bar chairs, I would add a dining table here like this one...


I'd add a big white and blue porcelain vase from her collection to the center of the table with some hydrangeas to pull color across. I'd also add a coordinating chandelier to the one that we'd have put over the bar.

Above the bead board I'd add a simple overlapping plate collection like Kelly did in her dining room.

when we turn around, we can see where the kitchen lands in the house.

Under the arch is her little family room and down the hall is a half bath and her living room. I would probably stop the blue paint right where the red stops and paint the arch wall a bright white. Painting that a bright white would allow for more colors in the adjoining rooms and it wouldn't make the pantry stick out so much.

This is the hall that leads down to her living room. I'd replace that boob lamp with a simple schoolhouse fixture and as I said, until it opens up into the other rooms I would have this hallway be white. Well...I personally would add bead board all the way down, but for the sake of my DIY deficient sister, we'll just call it paint!

And that, my friends, is how I'd ruin my sister's kitchen.

What would you do to it?


  1. I like your plan. It would definitely brighten up the place. It seems a little dark now. She's lucky to have you help her along :)

  2. I might throw in some blue and white checked something, or the blue and yellow print that would add that French country look. But maybe since you know your sister's 'stuff' that might come out when you stage it. :)

  3. You have a gift princess. If only you had someone to bankroll you...!

  4. You totally have to paint or stain the cabinets when you're fantasy kitchen planning! It's so much easier than ACTUALLY painting them ;). Fun ideas!


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