Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Exciting Week

A GIANT thank you to everyone who entered the Give Away last week.  It was a huge success.  We have a winner: “Cape On The Corner!”  Make sure to check your email.

This week is super exciting for Nate and I- not only are we finally able to start working on the nursery, we're also basically (if you count that no one in my family makes it to their due date) half way done with being preggy. I can't believe that we're already 19 weeks into this thing!

We are currently in process of priming the main part of the nursery which Nate and Robby repaired the drywall on last weekend. Can I just say that painting bead board is tedious as hell? Nate typically doesn't help me paint (it makes him a cranky man) but as my balance is so off, he said that for the baby he would do all the up high stuff for me.

Let's make that clear. For. The. Baby.

We ended up getting a system down for the primer of me going through and cutting in as well as painting the lips in the boards and then Nate would come by with the roller.

We are going to do several coats of KILZ before moving on to paint to try and cover up the knots and stain on the wood. Luckily, the previous owner didn't seal the wood so we don't have to strip and sand it, but it will still be a long process none the less.

I'm expecting us to finish priming about 30 seconds before our appointment on friday.



So excited. I am twitching waiting to know if all organs are safely tucked inside the baby. I'd also like to know what genitalia he/she may be rockin' but for now, knowing everything is where it should be is good enough for me.

I have an awesome side by side of how much brighter the primed walls make the nursery....on my other computer (dammit) so look for those later this week.

If anyone needs me I'll be scolding my dancing baby for keeping me up all night and singing along to musicals while painting an endless sea of bead board.

What projects are you guys working on?


  1. Half way! woop woop! I'm so excited for your anatomy scan. Bring on the baby clothes shopping!

  2. So exciting! I had a pretty early ultrasound with Abe....like 15 weeks or something? And I made them tell me what they thought then. He was already a boy ;)

  3. We painted over knotty pine in #2's nursery (didn't know it would be a nursery at the time) Primer and two coats of paint, but it was navy going on and I'm gonna guess that you aren't going dark, with how happy you are with the 'lightness'. :)


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