Monday, September 23, 2013

Farewell Maple Leaves

Ohhhh the maple leaf wallpaper.


*sigh* Sorry. Outrage.

The wallpaper in the nursery has taunted me since the day we first looked at the house and was only made worse when we tried to remove said wallpaper only to find out that it was crumbling the plaster trying to remove it.


We had to come up with some kind of a plan. We either needed to rip EVERYTHING down, or do a cover up job.

Both had pros and cons.

If we ripped down the plaster, we would be welcomed with the chicken wire like metal that would be found running through it and would have a near impossible job getting it out without  damaging the bead board (which we wanted to save since the playroom has it running in it as well) But, if we were able to get it down, it would give us the chance to start from scratch, and let us check on insulation, wiring, etc.

If we covered it up, we wouldn't be able to address any of those problems, but we would save ourselves a ton of $$$ and labor and it could be done in a weekend.

We really don't like patch jobs. We've done a couple for "phase 1" decorating (like the downstairs bath where we plan to rip it completely out and we peel and stuck tiles over the existing flooring) but at the end of the day our friend who is a contractor said that if we didn't have any obvious signs behind the plaster to leave it where it was. He said it actually does pretty well with sound absorption and that if I am pregnant and already allergic to drywall dust as it is, why open a can of worms?

That pretty much sealed the deal for us.

We figure that we could drywall over what needs to be covered, live with it for a few years, then when we're done with the beadboard and don't have an impending child and I can run away to my parent's house for the weekend or something- then Nate can kill it.

So for now, killing the leaves as correctly as we could was the name of the game.

To do this (since, as mentioned- I am allergic) my dear friend Robby made a trip up from Chicago to help Nate tackle it.

This was way more budget friendly than we thought, as the project came in at about $100 (we bought an extra $50 of materials that we were able to return...math...not my best.) This included the truck rental to get it home!

The one thing that Robby did that I would never have thought of is to build what he called a "dead man" out of 2x4s to give the guys an extra hand while working on the ceiling. Genius, I tell ya!

Now, this is where me sucking as a blogger comes in. There are thousands of drywall how-tos on the internet. I was not present while they were installing the drywall ergo, I do not feel comfortable telling you guys how to do it.

There, I suck. Hate me forever. Go read about it on This Old House or something.

I will say one thing though- anyone that has been in this house, will not be missing that wallpaper.

Once they taped, mudded, and sanded it down twice, (and a thorough vacuum/mop extravaganza) I went up to see how it looked, and holy shit is that room suddenly five times bigger and brighter.

I'm really thankful for friends that are willing to come help on things like this. It really sucks when I want to help and I know how to do it (I did, after all, have to find out that I was allergic to it while building a Habitat House in college!) but that I can't. 

These guys were some awesome muscle.

And, Nate and I are super excited to finally be able to start working on this room once and for all.

And yes, I'm aware Seamus is adorable.

Make sure to come by tomorrow too! We'll be announcing the winner of the $200 Gift Card Giveaway!


  1. this is so exciting! It's looking really good in there! And you're sweet baby belly is so so cute too!

  2. it's going to look so, so good when it all comes together. GOOD RIDDANCE, MAPLE LEAVES.

  3. Drywall dust is the worst substance I have ever met. UG. Breathing it is the worst. I feel like it's impossible to clean up! BUT, it's always SO nice to have a nice drywalling job complete. Yay for nurseries :)

  4. I never would have guessed you didn't opt for the full scale fix everything route if you hadn't said so! looking great in there!


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