Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Sister Bought a House (and other shenanigans)



So, for the remarkable amount of like...nothing exciting going on around here (no, I haven't made the other curtain yet...) I feel like we've actually been super busy.

First things first, we've been running around trying to get crap ready for Robby. You guys remember Robby don't you?

He's my BFFL and will be coming up to help Nate redrywall the baby's room next weekend so we've been scrambing to get the empty and shit. Yeah, I know, it's Wookie's room, but Wook won't be here until February so crap keeps landing in there. I feel like we've made progress though... at least there's a floor in there now (although there's about 15 boxes of crap in the hallway that Nate needs to lug over to the thrift store for me)

We are hoping in the 72 hours we have Robby next weekend to get the drywall done and bookshelves built (I also have about 15 backups planned because sometimes he hulks out and finishes a months' worth of projects in three days...) Plus, when Nate is doing homework or something Robby is always willing to do thousands of little honey-dos for me that as a homeowner are just irritating.

"Hey Rob...will you caulk this for me?"

"Hey Rob...can you paint this ceiling?"

'Hey Rob...will you feed me?"

You know...the basics.

So that's what has been mostly going on around here.

I've also been texting my sister, Hannah, like crazy who just closed on her first house. She is not the oriented. She likes things to look nice, but she to put it...she doesn't want to do it?

So, jokingly, I told her I should do a "how I'd ruin my sister's house" series on the blog to help her get some ideas. So, look forward to that. She snagged this HUGE house on short sale (seriously, she got a four bedroom house and she doesn't even have a cat yet...) so there are parts that are lovely, and parts that need a LOT of work. I haven't seen the house in person, but I've seen tons of pictures and as my baby shower will be there in December, shit's gotta get done.

I thought I'd show you guys the one thing that doesn't really need a lot of "work", and that's her entertainment area. Oh, it's needs some sweat, but nothing that will cost her too much time or money.

First, here is the front of her house. It reminds me kind of UgDuck's, don't you think?

The things I'd do to the front of the house:

  • Trim back that tree to a more...tree like shape
  • Weed and pull back the shrubbery
  • Paint the house (she never would since it's "fine" but I think this house would look way cuter with shutters or even blue and white (though I'm a fan of blue houses...))
  • Add more flower boxes under windows to lift the eye up

  • Powerwash all the things...
  • Put in a bigger porch light for more weight
  • Did I mention weeding and pulling back all the things?
  • Add a bench, little side table and a pot of flowers/seasonal decor (something like this)
If you look at this from the other way you can see more of why the weeding and trimming needs to happen... I feel claustrophobic just looking at that entry. Plus wouldn't a lily patch or something look so cute right under that tree?

Now, if we go to the back, we see the real show stopper and why her steal on this house is amazing.

Yeah, right? My foreclosure didn't doesn't have a yard like that... I mean, she's got a paver patio, a pool AND a hot tub. So rude. So much maintenance. My little sister justice is apparently that there's a plague of frogs breeding in her pool.

I think all this space needs is a good power washing, some potted or boxed plants next summer, a couple loungers, and a big circular table and umbrella. Voila. Done.

But, if we go behind the pool we see MORE WEEDING.

Check that hoard of weeds out. Terrifying. I think my mom has already been on it a little bit, but seriously, it might need a machete.

I think my favorite thing about Hannah's back porch is the awesome back steps. The guy who used to own the house was a concrete worker, so there's all these awesome details (like the stamped concrete patio and walkways...)

For some reason those just make me happy.

So that's the outside of my sister's new house. What do you guy's think? Pool party at Hannah's house?


  1. I'll bring the good beer. And that siding looks like it's in WAY better shape than mine. Kudos to your sis :)

  2. please tell hannah I'll be there tomorrow, with my bathing suit, ready to party. :)

  3. So much potential! that back yard will be killer. Love that patio.

  4. ooh, I want to come hang out on that patio! and I'm very familiar with the "parts are lovely; parts need a LOT of work" type of house :)

  5. Aw, I like your house better! I'm a sucker for old with character. Can't wait to see what you get done this weekend.


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