Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Real Life. (I finally messed with the dining room curtains)

Okay, so are you guys ready for some real life?

Once upon a time, Emma and Nate redid their dining room. It was their first big project on the house and it was planned down to the last inch. It was beautiful. It photographed well. It looked finished.

But sadly, when we posted a table reveal, there were still many projects to be done. And by then we were so burned out from working on that room that we moved on to the bathroom.

So little things went unfinished. ...And the one that was driving me crazy?

uhhh....the curtains were too short. We have super tall ceilings so I've had to modify basically every curtain panel I've bought in some way. They're either way too short or like...IKEA long.

But this is where the real life comes in...since getting my pregnant, my dining room does NOT look like this.

It actually looks more like this.

Forgive me Blogger Gods for I have sinned. I swear- that first trimester kicks your ass way more than anyone tells you it does.

So, after having to stare at this mess for months, feeling way too tired to do anything about it, I decided enough is enough and I want my life back.

This is especially convenient because we will be having tons of guests in the upcoming months of people wanting to spend time with us before the baby gets here, holidays, parties, etc. So, I figured slowly, but surely, I would start tackling this beast.

I decided to start with the curtains. And no, I didn't clean first. Because fuck that. I wanted to do something fun to get myself back in the spirit of things. Of course, there was math involved...and math is hard and I don't like it. But, I was able to get one curtain panel completely done while Nate was at school last night.

I used the same fabric for the bottom of the curtain as I used on our lamp makeovers - yeah, remember these? I still had the fabric.

The thing was though, that this fabric is cream based, where the curtain is white. I needed something to bridge the two, almost like a quilt. So, I used a coordinating stripe fabric that I had bought with the original fabric (I was going to make pillows) to make a band between the two. I thought about doing a horizontal stripe, but that shit is so obvious if you mess up and while I am feeling more motivated, my brain still doesn't work the best, so I went with a short band of vertical stripes.

To make it easier on myself, I sewed my stripe band and my big piece of pattern together first.

Since all windows are different, I won't give you all my boring measurement stuff, but I will say that I used the length of my existing hem for my band, but I flipped it up. I needed just a few more inches to make the bottom band substantial enough, but I wanted to keep the weight of the original hem to help it lay straight.

It looked kind of janky, but at least I totally understood what I was doing... (I literally had a "how the hell do I explain my weird thought process on the blog"...moment)

Then, to make sure that none of the seams frayed, I folded about half an inch under between the original hem and the curtain. I had accounted for seam allowances when I cut, so my hem between my two patterned fabrics lined up with the original hem seam. It made it easier to feel that it was straight.

Then, once that was sewn together, I made my side hems and hung it up to get a length on my hem.

I made my hem REALLY big. Like...7 inches (3.5 inches folded over on itself) I had two reasons for this. 1.) Because I messed up my math and 7 inches was what needed to be hemmed and I didn't feel like cutting in case I was having a pregnant moment and it was wrong. and 2.) The weight of a large hem keeps everything hanging nicely.

Again, from the back this shit looked janky, but I felt like I was doing this correctly.

And then, I hung her up!

I still need to do like...obvious things like ironing, and you know, taking pictures when the sun is out. But I figured for an evening's work, I did pretty well.

This is what they look like closed up, which I did for pictures only- we don't ever close these curtains so we don't have enough for them to cover the window. It just seemed like a waste of money when that top window is 6 feet in the air and the bottom windows all have blinds anyway.

So yeah, that's what I did last night. Just one, but I still want credit for it. I cut the fabric for the other panel so hopefully tonight when Nate is at school I can get it done and then clean and take like real pictures of it when it looks like a dining room again.

So what do you guys do to get inspiration going again? Do you do the hard stuff before the fun stuff or do you just do what you want? I know it would drive my Aunt CRAZY that my dining room even looked like this, but especially that I didn't clean up before a project.

Well my dearest Auntie- I didn't clean up after my project either (and of course a couple of my other Aunts, and my Mom are like "that's my girl...")


  1. I agree-- do the fun stuff first, the rest can wait!! And I really like how it looks with both fabrics attached, it looks great :)

  2. I feel your pain. My dining table is the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE since it's our dumping ground for EVERYTHING. It drives me bonkers, but we eat on the couch at night so what use is it really? I feel like I should just get rid of the table entirely and use the room for pogo-ing or something.

  3. The curtain looks great. I love the 2 patterns. And you know, you just do what you can do. And if that's only one curtain, that's good enough. Ain't nobody got time to wait for the sun to come up!

  4. We just do what we want. Always. Which is why nothing ever gets done in a straight line. Eventually, we're so close to done that done is what we want--and then we get to projects like this one. It looks great!

  5. I think it looks really pretty :) I love the pop of color and pattern on the bottom, and the longer length is a plus! And don't worry, after those first couple of months, your energy comes back, and life gets back to normal for sure :)

  6. ooh, look at those! I love them! They're not only longer but so much more fun now, too :)

  7. I always *try* to do the hard part first, then the rest is just super gravy and I don't have to slug myself through the icky parts all grumbly and miserable. Finishing up with the fun parts is!! :-)

    Curtains are cute! And I COVET the leaded glass at the top of that window -- talk about YUMMY!!!

  8. We are all cutting you major slack for like well over a year because pregnancy and newborns are really the best excuse to not get things done. Well things on your to do list anyway. You'll be super busy with everything else.


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