Monday, October 28, 2013

the time I bought all my nursery furniture before getting pregnant

Before getting pregnant, I announced that I bought all of our "nursery" furniture for our kid guest room we were going to start on.

 It was adorable and Jenny Lind inspired. I even started to work on some of the pieces since I scored everything for so little that it all DESPERATELY needed to be refinished.

 Well...then this crazy thing happened where I got knocked up about a month later.


It had already taken us so long that we figured we just knew what we wanted- then we switched from the bird theme for the Where the Wild Things Are theme- mostly out of me having a pregnant moment with OMG NATE THIS FABRIC IS SO CUTE.

Well, then, while pregnant, I discovered it was much harder to find the energy to redo these pieces of furniture. Then, once I finally started feeling better, the weather started changing which meant spray painting was out. Then by the time spray painting was out I had this slight frontal obstruction that made it difficult to bend over and paint and strip all this crap. husband threw a fit and said we needed to just buy some nursery furniture.


He had logical arguments for all the pieces but one.

1.) After like a zillion things of spray paint the crib still didn't have the coverage that we wanted and the weather wasn't really cooperating to finish it. We thought we'd have a year of it being filled with stuffed animals getting the stink off of it, but we need a crib in February, so we had to give this one up.

I thought I'd be more upset about this than I actually am. The painting was a pain in the ass- I could only do a small section at a time, and honestly, I was just frustrated. We are keeping the crib to turn into a bench or something. Plus, the crib springs have already proved useful as a dog barrier for projects! (no, not kidding) It will be turning into our command center, but for now we on a random trip to IKEA the cribs were like, half off, so we scored a nice crib and mattress for about $100. Boom. Done. No more painting looming over my head.

2.) This changing table.... Oye this changing table.

I'll put this one simply for ya. After Nate put it back together after getting it off craigslist it just didn't feel...sturdy anymore? Add that with the fact that it is veneer and I'd have to use oil based primer on it and I was over it. Since we weren't using the Jenny Lind crib anymore, we didn't really need the Jenny Lind changing table. We ended up selling it on craigslist for the same amount as we spent on it so it ended up just being one of those bad purchases. I'm more happy than anything that I didn't stress myself out over it by trying to start it. We ended up getting a really basic dresser from IKEA to use for our changing table. We'll be customizing it and whatnot but again, my husband had a "I just want stuff to be DONE." fit. Honestly, I agreed with him on this one.

3.) This rocking chair...

I take full blame for this one. When I wasn't pregnant and I sat in it I thought, "hey, this is really nice!" so we bought it. Now that I am pregnant the balance in this thing is off just enough that I feel like I'm going to tip out of it. When we would get out of it the chair would keep going and you'd almost have to catch yourself to get up. I think the problem was the wood treads with the wood floors...I was worried about either falling out of it with the baby or, more likely, waking the baby up when I would try to finagle my way out of it.  It'd probably work great for a carpeted nursery, but not in ours. Again, we sold it on Craigslist for what we paid for it, so it was a wash other than the footstool that we bought as-is at Home Goods to go with it (I think we paid like $20 for the footstool?) I may have already replaced this with an awesome retro recliner that I'm trying to air the stuffy-ness out of (it was covered in that plastic covers so it just smells stuffy)

4.) This dresser


I know, I had you worried right? We decided to keep this one because I hadn't finished what I started with it and with it being wood I can easily paint it. I'm actually on my last coat of paint for it and we should have some pictures for you by the end of the week. 

I do feel kind of ridiculous that we bought all of this furniture and ended up keeping one piece of it- but at the end of the day, I just didn't know what I wanted when I started. I don't regret buying them because they would have been really cute if I'd had the energy to finish them- but I don't. I'm trying to work on forgiving myself for not getting done everything that I thought I would and this has been one of the big steps in that. 

I'm actually dying to finish painting the bead board so I can get furniture put together and start getting stuff put away (my dining room looks like a baby bomb went off). I want to see it all together!

Have you guys ever preemptively started a room and then went way off course half way through? You feel me?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Vacation, Shelter Dogs & a Giveaway

It is no secret that Nate and I are completely mildly obsessed with our dogs. We never thought we'd be those people, but we totally are- they're like our kids.

We worry about them when we're gone, we worry about our sitters, we worry about their health, we worry if they'll "make any friends", we are constantly worrying. I think the root of us worrying so much comes from the fact that our babies did not have the best life before they came to us. You look at them now and think, "who would throw you out of a moving car?" or "why were you in a shelter for TWO YEARS?" and it breaks our hearts. 

We are constantly trying to help our Humane Society in our area to try and help as many animals as possible because, obviously, we can't house 40 dogs in our urban home. You can support your local shelter in a million different ways, whether it is donating pet items, helping to socialize the animals, or participating in various charity events.

When we were approached by about their Adopt A Shelter Dog Month campaign we knew we wanted to help somehow. Especially since mentioning the site to our readers might expose you all to a site you didn't know about before (and will be useful with the holidays coming up)

DogVacay is a really cool service that helps people find in home dog boarding across the country. This means that if you want to go home for Christmas, you can find someone locally to watch your dog for a fraction of the cost of putting them in a kennel- and if you have shelter dogs like me, kennels don't tend to go over well with my guys.

This link will take you over to a sign up page for the dog-vacay newsletter (looks like the image below). For each of us that signs up, Dog Vacay will donate food to shelter animals. We all want to make sure that our human friends don't go hungry this holiday season, please take a moment to think about our scruffy counterparts.


When I mentioned this over to my buddy Anthony at Indestructible Dog (Which, if you've never shopped there, get on it, we fully talk about them here) to see if there was a way I could bribe you all to give up your e-mails, he offered up a Galileo Bone to one of our awesome brokies.

I may have inappropriate love for my Galileo Bone- it has helped my dogs so much when we leave them at home for the day (knock on wood, I have three dogs and I've never lost a shoe...) so I hope you all consider not only going over to DogVacay, but stopping in to say hey to Anthony too to use the awesome coupon code he gave to all of us (expires 11/8).

So what are you waiting for? Let's help some dogs, let's stuff their puppy stockings, and let's get into gear for this holiday season.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Please note that I wasn't compensated for anything mentioned in this post. I didn't get free dog sitting, I didn't get a free bone- nothing. This is all done for my love for dogs, and my love for Indestructible Dog.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Pin That I Pinned That I Did: Cleaning a Shower Door

Can we talk real life for a second?

I feel like there's something about pregnancy that no one talked about and yet everyone I talk to now is like, "oh yeah, that totally happened to me- I hated it"

Why does NO ONE talk about how you will not have any energy to clean your house?

And, if you do have the energy, you can really only clean one thing at a time with breaks in between because damn girl. Your shit is soooo dirty and those cleaners smell a lot worse than they used to.

Well, I've been trying my darndest to keep up with stuff...but I failed. And now I feel so far behind and like I'm digging myself up out of that hole from 300. Nate is really sweet and tries to help but he really is good at tidying, not so much the deep cleaning. So while I've been going around and trying to clean stuff I'm shocked at like... 3 week old bread in the bread box, or slime under shampoo bottles. That kind of thing.

Like I said. HOLE.

So I'm starting the deep cleaning process (though I'm seriously tempted to just buy a package with a maid service if it comes up on Groupon) and I'm trying out some pinterest stuff while I do it.

I couldn't find the exact pin for this, but I read somewhere that you should clean your glass shower door with, get this, a used dryer sheet.

I figured, eh, what the hell, the thing hasn't been "cleaned" in a disgustingly long time and if it doesn't work it's not like I'm out any cleaning supplies.

All it said you needed was water and used dryer sheets- so I ran around the house gathering them up (does anyone else's dogs steal dryer sheets, or is Bridget just a freak?) and headed into the bathroom.

Since there were really no instructions to it, I wet the sheet and I started just rubbing it on the inside of my shower door.

And I'm embarrassed to post this on the internet...

I kept going along and was noticing that it would get really streaky, so I'd wet the dryer sheet again and go over it one more time. This seemed to really only work when the dryer sheet still had stuff on it and was really wet.

I was also left with a delightful pile of soggy dryer sheets as I kept using fresh ones when it would get too streaky. (Warning. Gross hair gets on the dryer sheets) So does water marks or the starts of rust on your shower...

In the end I was really surprised at how well this worked. My door was cleaner than I'd seen it in a long time, and I almost felt like it repelled water a little better than it used to. After all, it's not the best door as my creepy animals lay outside the door and lick the water up (yum, hot, soapy tap water?)

We also just switched out our shower head again- my tall husband kept knocking into it and something came loose causing water to spray onto the ceiling. When he came back to take it down and add more plumbers tape to the inside of it, the whole thing snapped in half! We'd only had that head on there for...9 months? I was amazed.

Joys of home ownership. I don't know what was more amusing. Hearing Nate singing "Roar" by Katy Perry while he was in the shower, or hearing it turn into a slew of cuss words when water started spraying on the ceiling.

It's the little things that make life fun.

Back on topic, I have also heard that dryer sheets are good to dust baseboards with- so I'm going to have to give that one a try, has anyone ever had success cleaning with dryer sheets?

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Longest Painting in the History of Painting

When we began our nursery painting adventure, we thought it would take us about a week to get everything painted. That means, multiple coats of primer, paint, color, and ceiling, as well as molding for the ceiling and the chair rail. Oh! And the playroom. Silly me, it was only going to be white- how hard could it be?

Well...that was beginning of October.

Between both of us working full time, as well as Nate being broken from manual labor all day, and me being broken from the slight frontal obstruction I have, we are on day 5,323 of painting. ...or something like that.

So far, we have 3 coats of primer up to mask the mud/tape from drywalling, as well as un-knotting the bead board. We also have three coats of color, two coats of white and a coat of ceiling paint up.

...and we haven't even thought about getting to the playroom yet.

This process has been so. slow.

Let's remember what it looked like when we started...

And then when we got it looking like a...relative blank slate...

I don't know why my photos turned out so weird...probably has something to do with the fact that it's been storming here for over a week. But here is where we are at. We had a green color matched from the piece of fabric I have (my mom took a whole bolt of it back to Chicago to work on textiles for me) 

To get a "more true" version of the color (since light can get through fabric) we put a very light green paint chip behind the fabric before we scanned. It's almost like a key lime color? Here is the lid from Home Depot.

And here is how it looks in the space. It's actually a little bit more...mellow than this. I think the storm outside messed with some pictures. Hopefully we'll get some better ones soon.

The three bead board walls are staying solid white, so the green is just a splash of color that you can see from the hallway. We're going to bring the green around in other ways (like some awesome drawer pulls you may have seen on IG yesterday)

The one thing I am really considering doing is some kind of paint treatment on the ceiling since the rest of the room is so tame- though I don't know if I want to start something when we both are having a hard time being up on a ladder right now.

It's very interesting to me that when we first started this room, I thought it was going to be like blue guy from Wild Things.

It was going to be steely and moody with rustic accents, though now, somehow, the room is going more towards orange hair guy.

We picked up a few orange accents this weekend while we were out shopping and I'm loving the way it looks with the green.

Hopefully we'll be done painting the nursery this week- I have baby showers coming up in about 3 weeks and I would love to have everything in place so we can just put things away right after the shower.

How is everyone doing?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wait, I've actually been doing things?

What's up, homies?

I'm here to tell you the story of an Emma that finally found some energy. (Yay!) Last week, it was like the sky opened up, I crawled out of bed and suddenly wanted to do EVERYTHING. No more laying on the crib mattress on Wookie's floor pointing at spots where Nate needed to prime again (not that that happened....twice...)

Oh yeah, it's true. Things were getting done! Nate got up a second coat of primer and a coat of paint up in the nursery. We took down the dining room chandelier and re-hung it in the foyer. We hung up a new light in the dining room. I STARTED TO PAINT A DRESSER!

Then I threw out my back and was stuck on mini-bedrest for 3 days.

Womp Womp.

Needless to say that even though I'm enjoying the changes in my home, I have no photographic evidence of such triumphs. Well. Except this instagram shot that shows some *barely* green drawers.

I got two coats of primer and a coat of green on the drawers before I felt a twinge in my back and I went to go lay down. Three days later I still couldn't really get out of bed and had to resort to calling my friends to bring me food (CAROLYN I NEED GOUDA!) and trying to shamelessly train Seamus to bring me chocolate milk.

For some reason Seamus said he couldn't open the silverware drawer- which I'm calling shenanigans on since I've seen the little bastard open his crate.

I honestly don't mean to complain about my pregnancy. Compared to some of my close friends, I am having like...a super freaking easy pregnancy. However it is really hard for me. And I have to keep reminding myself that every pregnancy is different. I may not be on bedrest (please, please, please) or have some awful health risk, but that doesn't make it any less challenging in it's own right.

I am lucky. I have a beautiful, healthy little baby girl. But. That being said, she doesn't let me do anything. I'm lucky if I am motivated enough to cook dinner. But I'm a do-er, so this is horrible for me. Let me paint something! Let me make something! LET ME DO SOMETHING.

Nate now has me on strict pointing duty. He says I'm no longer the DIY-er of the family, I am the putter-er. I'm allowed to sew, cook and watch netflix (which, hey girl, hey! You bitches notice Sister Wives FINALLY added more episodes?) I'm allowed to draft blue prints and entertain guests. I'm allowed to register, window shop online, and bother Nate with tutu tutorials off of pinterest.

I actually now have a backlog of about 15 posts that I need to write about on here- so expect that there will be some awesome stuff (including the fact that I may have cleaned one day using only dryer sheets that I had to steal from Bridget) and an AMAZING mobile that my mom and I are working on.

Nate and I are also working on some behavior modification that we'd like to have completed before Wookie gets here. Example: Eating at the table. So expect to see some updates on those too. (Spoiler alert- I'm more willing to keep it clean if I know we have meals to eat on it...). Also expect to meet some of our friends who are being awesome enough to come help Nate while I point (usually while playing with our friends' brand new pitbull puppy who makes me want to die with cuteness. Bridget tries to sit on him.)

So that is what's up over here.

What are you guys up to? Have you found any new blogs that you're enjoying? I'm dying for some fresh meat over here.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shit is Getting Real

One of you asked to see the bump in the same blue dress that I took my first bump picture in, and I just so happened to be wearing it today, so I thought I'd pop in and share it. The first picture is me, not pregnant about a year ago when we had just finished up the first set of doctor's appointments, the second is me 11 weeks pregnant, and the last is me today, 20 weeks and 1 day.

I have a feeling shit is going to get REAL big around here. I'm going to need a wheelbarrow to get me around.

Half way there, Wookie!