Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Pin That I Pinned That I Did: Cleaning a Shower Door

Can we talk real life for a second?

I feel like there's something about pregnancy that no one talked about and yet everyone I talk to now is like, "oh yeah, that totally happened to me- I hated it"

Why does NO ONE talk about how you will not have any energy to clean your house?

And, if you do have the energy, you can really only clean one thing at a time with breaks in between because damn girl. Your shit is soooo dirty and those cleaners smell a lot worse than they used to.

Well, I've been trying my darndest to keep up with stuff...but I failed. And now I feel so far behind and like I'm digging myself up out of that hole from 300. Nate is really sweet and tries to help but he really is good at tidying, not so much the deep cleaning. So while I've been going around and trying to clean stuff I'm shocked at like... 3 week old bread in the bread box, or slime under shampoo bottles. That kind of thing.

Like I said. HOLE.

So I'm starting the deep cleaning process (though I'm seriously tempted to just buy a package with a maid service if it comes up on Groupon) and I'm trying out some pinterest stuff while I do it.

I couldn't find the exact pin for this, but I read somewhere that you should clean your glass shower door with, get this, a used dryer sheet.

I figured, eh, what the hell, the thing hasn't been "cleaned" in a disgustingly long time and if it doesn't work it's not like I'm out any cleaning supplies.

All it said you needed was water and used dryer sheets- so I ran around the house gathering them up (does anyone else's dogs steal dryer sheets, or is Bridget just a freak?) and headed into the bathroom.

Since there were really no instructions to it, I wet the sheet and I started just rubbing it on the inside of my shower door.

And I'm embarrassed to post this on the internet...

I kept going along and was noticing that it would get really streaky, so I'd wet the dryer sheet again and go over it one more time. This seemed to really only work when the dryer sheet still had stuff on it and was really wet.

I was also left with a delightful pile of soggy dryer sheets as I kept using fresh ones when it would get too streaky. (Warning. Gross hair gets on the dryer sheets) So does water marks or the starts of rust on your shower...

In the end I was really surprised at how well this worked. My door was cleaner than I'd seen it in a long time, and I almost felt like it repelled water a little better than it used to. After all, it's not the best door as my creepy animals lay outside the door and lick the water up (yum, hot, soapy tap water?)

We also just switched out our shower head again- my tall husband kept knocking into it and something came loose causing water to spray onto the ceiling. When he came back to take it down and add more plumbers tape to the inside of it, the whole thing snapped in half! We'd only had that head on there for...9 months? I was amazed.

Joys of home ownership. I don't know what was more amusing. Hearing Nate singing "Roar" by Katy Perry while he was in the shower, or hearing it turn into a slew of cuss words when water started spraying on the ceiling.

It's the little things that make life fun.

Back on topic, I have also heard that dryer sheets are good to dust baseboards with- so I'm going to have to give that one a try, has anyone ever had success cleaning with dryer sheets?


  1. I read the thing about using them on your baseboards too!
    What a big difference that made :)

  2. I have used dryer sheets to dust baseboards. They worked great - especially in my laundry room (where the baseboard dust seemed a little heartier than in other areas). Plus, I didn't sneeze so much while doing the dusting. I've been using the 'magic erasers' to clean my shower door. After seeing your success, I'm going to try the dryer sheets next. (They're certainly cheaper than the magic erasers.)

  3. I use them to dust, they work great at attracting dust... just as well as those swiffer dusters, plus they smell good. They have all kinds of creative uses. I've heard that you can put them in your pocket in winter to keep from getting shocked when you touch metal stuff and put one in your pocket in summer to repel mosquitoes.

  4. My dog steals dryer sheets too :) I tried them on baseboards...didn't seem to work that great at my house. I am going to have to try them on the shower though!

  5. I had no idea this was a thing! Good to know. Oh, and I've only cleaned the bathroom once since being pregnant. Which is disgusting... since I throw up so much. So dont' feel bad.

  6. I've never heard such a thing. Please update on how the baseboard cleaning goes. I never knew if I should use new ones or use used ones because I have heard both. I just painted my baseboards in my bathroom and kitchen white in the past year and they already need a good cleaning!

  7. I don't use dryer sheets in my dryer.....maybe I should buy some just for shower doors and baseboards :).


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