Monday, October 21, 2013

The Longest Painting in the History of Painting

When we began our nursery painting adventure, we thought it would take us about a week to get everything painted. That means, multiple coats of primer, paint, color, and ceiling, as well as molding for the ceiling and the chair rail. Oh! And the playroom. Silly me, it was only going to be white- how hard could it be?

Well...that was beginning of October.

Between both of us working full time, as well as Nate being broken from manual labor all day, and me being broken from the slight frontal obstruction I have, we are on day 5,323 of painting. ...or something like that.

So far, we have 3 coats of primer up to mask the mud/tape from drywalling, as well as un-knotting the bead board. We also have three coats of color, two coats of white and a coat of ceiling paint up.

...and we haven't even thought about getting to the playroom yet.

This process has been so. slow.

Let's remember what it looked like when we started...

And then when we got it looking like a...relative blank slate...

I don't know why my photos turned out so weird...probably has something to do with the fact that it's been storming here for over a week. But here is where we are at. We had a green color matched from the piece of fabric I have (my mom took a whole bolt of it back to Chicago to work on textiles for me) 

To get a "more true" version of the color (since light can get through fabric) we put a very light green paint chip behind the fabric before we scanned. It's almost like a key lime color? Here is the lid from Home Depot.

And here is how it looks in the space. It's actually a little bit more...mellow than this. I think the storm outside messed with some pictures. Hopefully we'll get some better ones soon.

The three bead board walls are staying solid white, so the green is just a splash of color that you can see from the hallway. We're going to bring the green around in other ways (like some awesome drawer pulls you may have seen on IG yesterday)

The one thing I am really considering doing is some kind of paint treatment on the ceiling since the rest of the room is so tame- though I don't know if I want to start something when we both are having a hard time being up on a ladder right now.

It's very interesting to me that when we first started this room, I thought it was going to be like blue guy from Wild Things.

It was going to be steely and moody with rustic accents, though now, somehow, the room is going more towards orange hair guy.

We picked up a few orange accents this weekend while we were out shopping and I'm loving the way it looks with the green.

Hopefully we'll be done painting the nursery this week- I have baby showers coming up in about 3 weeks and I would love to have everything in place so we can just put things away right after the shower.

How is everyone doing?


  1. I hate paint jobs that do that to you....I painted a dresser this weekend that took primer plus THREE coats of paint, and I'm still finding places that need touching up. If it had been a whole room, I would have cried. But it's looking great in there! I'm so excited about watching it come together!

    1. I have a dresser doing that to me too- I'm half tempted to take it to the garage and spray paint it again. I did two coats of kilz and am on my second coat of white. Slow going!!

  2. I'm so excited to see how it all looks together- it's going to be so bright and happy :)

  3. I like that shade of green. It's so much fun. It's definitely coming together!

  4. I LOVE the green- so happy and it will mellow out when everything gets in there

  5. This is looking great! That green is so pretty! I love that we got a glimpse of the tiny baby clothes in the closet ;) Our baby boy #3 is going to be here in 2 weeks. Craaazzy! I know you are getting excited, too! :)

  6. I like the green, too! And I hear ya on painting. Just got done with our kitchen. Mostly. Still have some sloppy trim to clean up. And some spots that need another coat of paint. Finishing just seems to kill me. Hope you get it done before the baby comes!


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