Monday, October 28, 2013

the time I bought all my nursery furniture before getting pregnant

Before getting pregnant, I announced that I bought all of our "nursery" furniture for our kid guest room we were going to start on.

 It was adorable and Jenny Lind inspired. I even started to work on some of the pieces since I scored everything for so little that it all DESPERATELY needed to be refinished.

 Well...then this crazy thing happened where I got knocked up about a month later.


It had already taken us so long that we figured we just knew what we wanted- then we switched from the bird theme for the Where the Wild Things Are theme- mostly out of me having a pregnant moment with OMG NATE THIS FABRIC IS SO CUTE.

Well, then, while pregnant, I discovered it was much harder to find the energy to redo these pieces of furniture. Then, once I finally started feeling better, the weather started changing which meant spray painting was out. Then by the time spray painting was out I had this slight frontal obstruction that made it difficult to bend over and paint and strip all this crap. husband threw a fit and said we needed to just buy some nursery furniture.


He had logical arguments for all the pieces but one.

1.) After like a zillion things of spray paint the crib still didn't have the coverage that we wanted and the weather wasn't really cooperating to finish it. We thought we'd have a year of it being filled with stuffed animals getting the stink off of it, but we need a crib in February, so we had to give this one up.

I thought I'd be more upset about this than I actually am. The painting was a pain in the ass- I could only do a small section at a time, and honestly, I was just frustrated. We are keeping the crib to turn into a bench or something. Plus, the crib springs have already proved useful as a dog barrier for projects! (no, not kidding) It will be turning into our command center, but for now we on a random trip to IKEA the cribs were like, half off, so we scored a nice crib and mattress for about $100. Boom. Done. No more painting looming over my head.

2.) This changing table.... Oye this changing table.

I'll put this one simply for ya. After Nate put it back together after getting it off craigslist it just didn't feel...sturdy anymore? Add that with the fact that it is veneer and I'd have to use oil based primer on it and I was over it. Since we weren't using the Jenny Lind crib anymore, we didn't really need the Jenny Lind changing table. We ended up selling it on craigslist for the same amount as we spent on it so it ended up just being one of those bad purchases. I'm more happy than anything that I didn't stress myself out over it by trying to start it. We ended up getting a really basic dresser from IKEA to use for our changing table. We'll be customizing it and whatnot but again, my husband had a "I just want stuff to be DONE." fit. Honestly, I agreed with him on this one.

3.) This rocking chair...

I take full blame for this one. When I wasn't pregnant and I sat in it I thought, "hey, this is really nice!" so we bought it. Now that I am pregnant the balance in this thing is off just enough that I feel like I'm going to tip out of it. When we would get out of it the chair would keep going and you'd almost have to catch yourself to get up. I think the problem was the wood treads with the wood floors...I was worried about either falling out of it with the baby or, more likely, waking the baby up when I would try to finagle my way out of it.  It'd probably work great for a carpeted nursery, but not in ours. Again, we sold it on Craigslist for what we paid for it, so it was a wash other than the footstool that we bought as-is at Home Goods to go with it (I think we paid like $20 for the footstool?) I may have already replaced this with an awesome retro recliner that I'm trying to air the stuffy-ness out of (it was covered in that plastic covers so it just smells stuffy)

4.) This dresser


I know, I had you worried right? We decided to keep this one because I hadn't finished what I started with it and with it being wood I can easily paint it. I'm actually on my last coat of paint for it and we should have some pictures for you by the end of the week. 

I do feel kind of ridiculous that we bought all of this furniture and ended up keeping one piece of it- but at the end of the day, I just didn't know what I wanted when I started. I don't regret buying them because they would have been really cute if I'd had the energy to finish them- but I don't. I'm trying to work on forgiving myself for not getting done everything that I thought I would and this has been one of the big steps in that. 

I'm actually dying to finish painting the bead board so I can get furniture put together and start getting stuff put away (my dining room looks like a baby bomb went off). I want to see it all together!

Have you guys ever preemptively started a room and then went way off course half way through? You feel me?


  1. Hey, the great thing about buying everything on craigslist is that you've lost nothing but time if it doesn't work out! I'm kind of bummed the lovely changing table didn't work out, but you don't want a not sturdy changing table :)

  2. Sister - midstream master bedroom anyone? Horrible after the fact(itis) trying to get a "teen boy" room right all the while staying with baby blue....UGH. 1 year later switching out all the livingroom furniture due to a mish mosh monster mash of thrifty "finds"'s a process, right? RIGHT? Geez. Glad I am not alone.

  3. Well, we've developed a whole theory/philosophy to justify this way of creating a space. (We call it UnDesign.) I think those of us who aren't true designers often can't know what will really work for us until we see what we can find and we try some stuff out. Maybe if we had big budgets and a lot of design training, we could do it differently. But we don't. Instead of beating ourselves up over it, we try to embrace it. Our design is dictated mostly by what we can find (craigslist, thrift stores, etc.). Sometimes we start with one thing, and then we find other things that take us in a direction we couldn't forsee. Sometimes (like you) we start with one thing and actually try it out, and then we realize (for all kinds of reasons) that it's just not what we want. (See our post today!) As long as you're having fun and not going broke, it's all good! (Just this weekend we sold a table on craigslist for what we paid at Salvation Army. I call that just fine!)

  4. I want to know how you lucked out on a new IKEA crib at half off. Glad you are rolling with what works for you at this point in your life/pregnancy. If it makes you feel better, baby girl won't be in her nursery for a while after she's born so you'll have more time to get it together! Beckett will be lucky to be in his by the time he's walking!!

    1. We have no idea! We didn't even know they were on sale when we got there (nor were we expecting to buy one) but they were on "family" special AND they were a "weekly special" our crib was marked down from 119 to 70 with the mattress. (So I consider that basically half off lol)

      We are actually the weird people that fully intend on having the baby in the nursery from day one. We'll see how this goes, but honestly Nate gets up so early for work that he needs as much sleep as he can that when the baby gets up crying I'd have to take it out of the room for Nate to sleep anyway so we mind as well just keep them in there!

  5. I've just come to accept the fact that plans change. Furniture changes. Get what makes you happy and what works :) The nursery will be great!

  6. Whoa, going back to childhood. Do what makes you feel good and you did that only. It so loved to read your blog.

  7. Very nice. Something different, but very nice way of getting a character to little ones nursery. I rather prefer brand new one, but this is also a good way. Cheers for your story. :)


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