Friday, October 25, 2013

Vacation, Shelter Dogs & a Giveaway

It is no secret that Nate and I are completely mildly obsessed with our dogs. We never thought we'd be those people, but we totally are- they're like our kids.

We worry about them when we're gone, we worry about our sitters, we worry about their health, we worry if they'll "make any friends", we are constantly worrying. I think the root of us worrying so much comes from the fact that our babies did not have the best life before they came to us. You look at them now and think, "who would throw you out of a moving car?" or "why were you in a shelter for TWO YEARS?" and it breaks our hearts. 

We are constantly trying to help our Humane Society in our area to try and help as many animals as possible because, obviously, we can't house 40 dogs in our urban home. You can support your local shelter in a million different ways, whether it is donating pet items, helping to socialize the animals, or participating in various charity events.

When we were approached by about their Adopt A Shelter Dog Month campaign we knew we wanted to help somehow. Especially since mentioning the site to our readers might expose you all to a site you didn't know about before (and will be useful with the holidays coming up)

DogVacay is a really cool service that helps people find in home dog boarding across the country. This means that if you want to go home for Christmas, you can find someone locally to watch your dog for a fraction of the cost of putting them in a kennel- and if you have shelter dogs like me, kennels don't tend to go over well with my guys.

This link will take you over to a sign up page for the dog-vacay newsletter (looks like the image below). For each of us that signs up, Dog Vacay will donate food to shelter animals. We all want to make sure that our human friends don't go hungry this holiday season, please take a moment to think about our scruffy counterparts.


When I mentioned this over to my buddy Anthony at Indestructible Dog (Which, if you've never shopped there, get on it, we fully talk about them here) to see if there was a way I could bribe you all to give up your e-mails, he offered up a Galileo Bone to one of our awesome brokies.

I may have inappropriate love for my Galileo Bone- it has helped my dogs so much when we leave them at home for the day (knock on wood, I have three dogs and I've never lost a shoe...) so I hope you all consider not only going over to DogVacay, but stopping in to say hey to Anthony too to use the awesome coupon code he gave to all of us (expires 11/8).

So what are you waiting for? Let's help some dogs, let's stuff their puppy stockings, and let's get into gear for this holiday season.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Please note that I wasn't compensated for anything mentioned in this post. I didn't get free dog sitting, I didn't get a free bone- nothing. This is all done for my love for dogs, and my love for Indestructible Dog.  


  1. Hey, just wanted to thank you for this post! I signed up to be a Dogvacay host and have my first booking soon. AND I now have a great resource for tough toys for my super-chewer! Thanks!


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