Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wait, I've actually been doing things?

What's up, homies?

I'm here to tell you the story of an Emma that finally found some energy. (Yay!) Last week, it was like the sky opened up, I crawled out of bed and suddenly wanted to do EVERYTHING. No more laying on the crib mattress on Wookie's floor pointing at spots where Nate needed to prime again (not that that happened....twice...)

Oh yeah, it's true. Things were getting done! Nate got up a second coat of primer and a coat of paint up in the nursery. We took down the dining room chandelier and re-hung it in the foyer. We hung up a new light in the dining room. I STARTED TO PAINT A DRESSER!

Then I threw out my back and was stuck on mini-bedrest for 3 days.

Womp Womp.

Needless to say that even though I'm enjoying the changes in my home, I have no photographic evidence of such triumphs. Well. Except this instagram shot that shows some *barely* green drawers.

I got two coats of primer and a coat of green on the drawers before I felt a twinge in my back and I went to go lay down. Three days later I still couldn't really get out of bed and had to resort to calling my friends to bring me food (CAROLYN I NEED GOUDA!) and trying to shamelessly train Seamus to bring me chocolate milk.

For some reason Seamus said he couldn't open the silverware drawer- which I'm calling shenanigans on since I've seen the little bastard open his crate.

I honestly don't mean to complain about my pregnancy. Compared to some of my close friends, I am having like...a super freaking easy pregnancy. However it is really hard for me. And I have to keep reminding myself that every pregnancy is different. I may not be on bedrest (please, please, please) or have some awful health risk, but that doesn't make it any less challenging in it's own right.

I am lucky. I have a beautiful, healthy little baby girl. But. That being said, she doesn't let me do anything. I'm lucky if I am motivated enough to cook dinner. But I'm a do-er, so this is horrible for me. Let me paint something! Let me make something! LET ME DO SOMETHING.

Nate now has me on strict pointing duty. He says I'm no longer the DIY-er of the family, I am the putter-er. I'm allowed to sew, cook and watch netflix (which, hey girl, hey! You bitches notice Sister Wives FINALLY added more episodes?) I'm allowed to draft blue prints and entertain guests. I'm allowed to register, window shop online, and bother Nate with tutu tutorials off of pinterest.

I actually now have a backlog of about 15 posts that I need to write about on here- so expect that there will be some awesome stuff (including the fact that I may have cleaned one day using only dryer sheets that I had to steal from Bridget) and an AMAZING mobile that my mom and I are working on.

Nate and I are also working on some behavior modification that we'd like to have completed before Wookie gets here. Example: Eating at the table. So expect to see some updates on those too. (Spoiler alert- I'm more willing to keep it clean if I know we have meals to eat on it...). Also expect to meet some of our friends who are being awesome enough to come help Nate while I point (usually while playing with our friends' brand new pitbull puppy who makes me want to die with cuteness. Bridget tries to sit on him.)

So that is what's up over here.

What are you guys up to? Have you found any new blogs that you're enjoying? I'm dying for some fresh meat over here.


  1. So glad you came out of hiding and posted something! Sorry to hear about your back, but I'm glad that you have reached that stage of pregnancy where you finally start to feel better :) Speaking of blogs, I have started following one that I am crazy about. It's called Manhattan Nest............ do you read that one?

    1. Yes! I love him! And his house makes me swoon.

  2. You need to watch Call the Midwife on Netflix since you're pregnant and all. I watched the first season before I had Beckett. Now I need to watch the 2nd one, but who has time post baby to do anything?? Don't feel bad about being backlogged on the blog. It happens when you introduce children into the mix even when they are still in utero those kids have a way of making it all about them. Jerks. Totally precious and completely worth every bit of chaos they cause but still jerks!

    1. Ohhh thanks for the suggestion- I did the business of being born the other day...still not feeling the kiddy pool in my living room option.

      Nate says if I let her boss me around now that my life is over. I think my days of having the highest opinion ended about 22 weeks ago.

  3. I did NOT know this new information about Sister Wives--good to know!

  4. I love you and also Sister Wives. Stay lazy & healthy my friend, wookie will give you plenty of things to do once she arrives )

  5. Emma, darling, you need to change your mindset a little. You ARE doing something. You are making LIFE! That is really hard work. It takes most women as much time as they were pregnant to get back to being able to do as much as they did before, but then you have different things to do, like chasing a baby. Just keep reminding yourself that you're working hard right now. And it's the best DIY project you'll ever do. :)


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