Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Longest Possible Post about Curtains

Well, I am pleased to announce that this room is officially habitable by Emma standards (even with the list of stuff left to do) but after putting the furniture in place, one thing I really wanted to do was hang up some textiles. I really think that adding some fabric to a space makes a huge difference in the coziness of a room.

...Plus, if I hung curtains in front of the playroom I wouldn't have to look at that paneling until I was ready to deal with it.

I was feeling like it would be really easy for the Where the Wild Things Are theme to get really masculine, really quickly, so I wanted to pick a curtain that would keep it girlie. We chose the Matilda curtains from IKEA. They have a very delicate embroidered knot in vertical lines on them that I thought mimicked the bead board well.

The problem is that they needed some serious tweaking. The biggest of which being that tab top curtains make me stabby. I have no idea why- I just hate the way they look (at least when I try to use them- I'm sure someone else can make them work, I just can't.)

Another thing was that since they are white, and the curtain rods we got were white they basically disappeared into the wall. This is what we wanted because the room is so small, but we wanted to add something to make them stick out.

Oh, and because they're from IKEA they needed to be hemmed.

Enter my 60% off Joann coupon from last weekend and our wonderful friend Callie.

Say, "hi" to Callie.

Our mission was simple. Two bitches, two sewing machines, two sets of curtains. It was go time.

First things first, Nate hung the curtain rods. For some reason hanging curtain rods takes my husband A LONG time. I think it's his perfectionist tendencies. I love him anyway. But, we needed them up so we could hem the curtains appropriately. I think it is way easier to hem curtains when they're up then hemming them and trying to hang the rods accordingly.

Then, we sewed the tabs down. Simple as that, fold, sew. By doing this we went from the tab look to pleats. It is probably the easiest way to achieve pleated curtains of all time. If you don't have tab top curtains, Katrina from Chic Little House has a nice tutorial on how to achieve the pleated look.

Once that was done, we hung them up and pinned for the hem. I didn't remove any of the access hem because I wanted to be able to change my mind later if needed.

Here is what the pleats on top look like when hung on the rod. (Excuse the horrible paint on the ceiling- the moldings should cover those up)

Now, we knew that the curtains at least to the play room would be open the majority of the time. I thought some pom pom fringe would be a fun way to trim the curtains.

...then I remembered I hate pom poms. So after talking to Wookie like a crazy lady in the trim aisle at JoAnns we settled on a green ruffle trim. I totally could have made my own trim...but ain't nobody got time for that. (Just kidding, it's really not bad, but with a 60% off a regular marked item coupon at Joanns I thought it was way easier to just get it pre-done) The exchange with this is that it isn't the exact green as the walls. My give-a-damn was running low so I decided it was close enough.

12 yards of trim and $25 later (woo! awesome coupon) there I was, pinning yard and yard of trim onto the curtains. I quickly straight stitched them down (some parts looking like I may have been tired) and then I went back and did a zig zag stitch over that to ensure they were properly attached.

Woo! Curtains done. Pleated, Trimmed and Hemmed. Like a boss.

...Then I put them up and realized I really needed a way to keep them open to be able to fully appreciate the green trim before showing you guys.

I thought about getting some basic white hold backs like these from PB Teen, but with three sets (door, window, window in playroom) It'd be about $45 plus shipping. I figured for $45 there had to be a more attractive option.

Today when I opened my email and noticed I had a $10 off at World Market coupon waiting for me I thought I would pop in and see what they have, and of course, I fell in love with something that isn't even a real curtain hold back. I found these in the knob section, and you buy them individually at the store. I got all 6 for $33 with my coupon.

I hung them up sideways like if they were hold backs, and tucked the curtains in. Bam! Instant adorable.

The great thing is that once the play room is done this is a nice way of separating the room, until then I can close them and not have to look at the paneling.

Here's a little peek.

And while I don't want to look at the playroom...

Woo! I think it made a huge difference in the way the room "feels".

Anyone else doing any sewing right now?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Furniture in the Nursery!

Troll! In the Dungeon!!! Or, really, just furniture in the nursery. Now, spoiler alert, there are things in here that I haven't really mentioned yet, so we'll have a tutorial on Friday for things like the curtains.

Now, last you saw, the nursery looked like this.

Remember to forgive me for things that will be covered by moldings and so forth.

First, let's look in from the hallway.

Straight ahead is the doorway to the play room. We decided to hang curtains over the doorway to be able to close off the playroom (especially while it's still rocking all of it's wood paneled glory) the dresser is the piece that was previously brown and yellow that we talked about here.

If you look in from the doorway you see the rug and crib (both from IKEA...there's actually a lot of IKEA stuff in here now that I think about it...whoops) as well as the window.

This room is really dark (contrary to these photos that I was able to snap at just the right moment- I was yelling at a train trying to get home to take these because I knew in less than twenty minutes it'd be horribly dark in here) it only has the one window in the main part of the room which is a whole 15 feet from our neighbors house that is just as tall as ours. Even though this room faces east- I wanted it to stay as bright as possible. We have really nice wood blinds (thank you previous owner) so I decided I didn't need to go with blackout curtains.

Feel free to roll your eyes at me when I complain the baby doesn't sleep.

If you go back towards the playroom and look towards the hallway... see the door to the closet and the little dresser that we'll be using as a changing table. This is just the KOPPANG from IKEA that we put these drawer pulls from World Market on.

And then if you turn back to the playroom...

We have then seen the enormity that is Wookie's room! The space is only about 7 feet by 11 feet so it's not like a palace or anything but I think that by keeping the majority of stuff white, it really keeps the room open.

I love having the room at this point- it makes me smile (and slightly freak out) when I walk by because it looks like someone could actually live there. My mom will be coming up soon to help me make all the bedding so I'm excited to see how the big bag of fabric we bought in July all comes together!

What do you guys think? 

Monday, November 11, 2013

What is left?

We mentioned last week that we finally finished painting the white in the nursery. You'd think that would mean that we're done- YAY!

...but no.

I am the kind of person that always forgets the little crap that happens at the end of the project. This time, I am determined to do all that end bullshit because if I don't do it now, shit ain't gunna happen.

(especially since we are 10 weeks away from full term. excuse me while I breathe into a paper bag)

The good thing is- at this point I feel less panicked about WHAT DO WE DO IF SHE COMES EARLY?! As I feel like we have enough done that we could finish in a few weekends with a newborn in the house. Nate and I, as of now, have every intention of using the nursery from the get-go. I know a lot of people say, "oh, that will change once you have the'll want her within ten feet of you"...but the nursery is literally the next room over and I'd rather not share my space when either Nate or I are going to be going back to work within 2 or 3 weeks of her getting here.

So, anyway. What is left? What are all the stupid little things that need to happen?

1. Outlets & Light Switches

When we bought the house, the room was that wood paneling, so the previous owners had black outlets with wood covers. Since that is an obvious thing that is easy to fix we will be replacing them. I want to add a dimmer switch to the room as well. As for outlets, we will be jumping the gun and installing childproof plugs. If we're doing it anyways, mind as well right? These plugs have sliding covers built right in. 

 2. Get the electrician in

We need to add a ceiling fixture to the room (we have our eyes on this crown light from Shades of Light) so we need to have an electrician come in and take care of that for us. When we got it priced, it was only going to be about $100- we just need to get 'er done.

 3. Add trim/chair rail

We took down trim that we thing is a little puny for the space- we still have it, but we think we're going to trade it out for the chunkier crown that you can find in our downstairs.

4. Putter!!

We have all of our fabric and ideas- we just need to get everything made and in place. This, of course, is the fun part.

5. The entire fucking playroom

...I guess we'll get there when we get there.

Are there little things at the end of projects that you always forget about until you get there? i'm sure I'm forgetting something else.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Little Dresser

True to form of me changing my mind on what direction the nursery was going to go, I had to redo a couple things that I'd started from when we were going to do the bird nursery.

The first thing I had done was put a coat of yellow paint on the drawer fronts of a home made dresser we had bought off of craigslist. The thing isn't very well made, and because it's home made, it isn't the smoothest thing- but we couldn't beat the price and the size is good.

I had plans to paint the shell of the dresser once we got our wallpaper in so I could color match, but never did it since we never ordered the paper!

When we went a different direction and we painted the room white and green, I decided to continue that onto the little dresser to help it disappear. The room is super small, so I wanted the furniture to be as invisible as possible.

I used the same white and green as I'd used on the walls- you can find the formula for the green here.

All this took was a quick sanding, two coats of KILZ, and a million coats of the fucking Glidden paint from hell, and two coats of Behr Paint and Primer in One.

That's right, we ended up going and getting another gallon of white paint in Behr in hopes of finishing the damn painting and, what do you know, two quick coats later and the painting was done! (After wasting like, two months of our lives on the Glidden.)

I put these glass knobs on from World Market (Clear Floral Glass Knobs) because they matched the knobs (Floral Glass Brass Knobs) we ended up putting on the other dresser (don't worry, we haven't talked about that yet... it was too dark to get a good picture) I figured since the drawer fronts on the little dresser we bought were white, they needed a splash of green, while these drawer fronts were going to be green, so the needed a touch of glass. I thought the clear glass looked like the center of the green knobs. One is brass backed and the other is nickel, but when they're on the drawers you can't see the nickle.

Photos Via World Market

All said and done, the little white dresser is still obviously banged up, but it is much fresher.

I haven't done the mirror yet- I figure it will be easier to spray prime the mirror and it is sadly past spray painting season in Michigan- I'll get it done and attached next spring- it's not like the baby is going to be looking at herself to do her hair every morning anyway.

All in all, I think it is a great improvement from where we started- and honestly, I'm just happy to have something done!!

What did you guys do this weekend?