Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Furniture in the Nursery!

Troll! In the Dungeon!!! Or, really, just furniture in the nursery. Now, spoiler alert, there are things in here that I haven't really mentioned yet, so we'll have a tutorial on Friday for things like the curtains.

Now, last you saw, the nursery looked like this.

Remember to forgive me for things that will be covered by moldings and so forth.

First, let's look in from the hallway.

Straight ahead is the doorway to the play room. We decided to hang curtains over the doorway to be able to close off the playroom (especially while it's still rocking all of it's wood paneled glory) the dresser is the piece that was previously brown and yellow that we talked about here.

If you look in from the doorway you see the rug and crib (both from IKEA...there's actually a lot of IKEA stuff in here now that I think about it...whoops) as well as the window.

This room is really dark (contrary to these photos that I was able to snap at just the right moment- I was yelling at a train trying to get home to take these because I knew in less than twenty minutes it'd be horribly dark in here) it only has the one window in the main part of the room which is a whole 15 feet from our neighbors house that is just as tall as ours. Even though this room faces east- I wanted it to stay as bright as possible. We have really nice wood blinds (thank you previous owner) so I decided I didn't need to go with blackout curtains.

Feel free to roll your eyes at me when I complain the baby doesn't sleep.

If you go back towards the playroom and look towards the hallway... see the door to the closet and the little dresser that we'll be using as a changing table. This is just the KOPPANG from IKEA that we put these drawer pulls from World Market on.

And then if you turn back to the playroom...

We have then seen the enormity that is Wookie's room! The space is only about 7 feet by 11 feet so it's not like a palace or anything but I think that by keeping the majority of stuff white, it really keeps the room open.

I love having the room at this point- it makes me smile (and slightly freak out) when I walk by because it looks like someone could actually live there. My mom will be coming up soon to help me make all the bedding so I'm excited to see how the big bag of fabric we bought in July all comes together!

What do you guys think? 


  1. AAAAMMMMMAAZZING!!!!! Oh my gosh, I actually teared up a little!!

    I think it's coming along so well, and it's going to be such a super fantastic space for Wookie!!

    Just a suggestion (because folks on blogs NEVER get suggestions) - I would consider leaving all the wood in the playroom. I think it makes it a super cool and very different place that no other kid is going to have. It's like a little cave of cozy warm wood that just wraps around you when you are in there.

    When I was little, I lived with my grandparents for a little while. My bedroom was in the upstairs of their little Michigan bungalow, with slanted ceilings, and full of knotty pine that my grampa installed when the house was built. The warm and comforting feeling of that space still stays with me 40 years later. I always felt like it was my own secret space that I could go to and work on my little projects, play with toys, and listen to my records. :-) Yep - showing my age.

    Anyway -- don't dismiss the feel of that room and the wood. If it needs warming up, you could put a super lush and fluffy flokati rug on the floor, and some bean bag chairs or floor cushions, and maybe a heavier drapery on the window.

    So happy for you guys - it's looking awesome!!!!

    1. Thank you!

      We will be painting the playroom just for the sake of light. It is very dark in there as there is not a single surface (even the ceiling) that isn't covered in wood. After seeing how bright the front room is now, we are totally going to go for it!

  2. looking good! It definitely doesn't look dark in there from the pictures; I think all the white is doing the trick :)

  3. oooo I love it, it's looking lovely. the green and the rusty orange rug look awesome together.

  4. I love how happy and bright it looks! Can't wait to see it with all the Wild Things accents

  5. Coming along nicely! Do you lose much heat into the 'play room'? I wondered about putting up a heavier material during the winter, until it's've got some time until you need a playroom....unless you want it for nieces and nephew?? Love it!!

    1. Thank you! We actually don't lose any heat to it- this room seems to have the most updated HVAC of the whole upstairs- we keep everything open in here to the heat filters out into the hallway. Our Master doesn't get any heat at all!

      In the mean time, we have our rocker in there and all of her books and stuff. We'll be spending a lot of time in there for feedings and what not- it will also house all the stuff to entertain the bigger kids. Should be lots of fun!

  6. I've spent the last two days reading your blog from the beginning and while I have to say the nursery is adorable, I totally appreciated your Harry Potter reference!!


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