Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Longest Possible Post about Curtains

Well, I am pleased to announce that this room is officially habitable by Emma standards (even with the list of stuff left to do) but after putting the furniture in place, one thing I really wanted to do was hang up some textiles. I really think that adding some fabric to a space makes a huge difference in the coziness of a room.

...Plus, if I hung curtains in front of the playroom I wouldn't have to look at that paneling until I was ready to deal with it.

I was feeling like it would be really easy for the Where the Wild Things Are theme to get really masculine, really quickly, so I wanted to pick a curtain that would keep it girlie. We chose the Matilda curtains from IKEA. They have a very delicate embroidered knot in vertical lines on them that I thought mimicked the bead board well.

The problem is that they needed some serious tweaking. The biggest of which being that tab top curtains make me stabby. I have no idea why- I just hate the way they look (at least when I try to use them- I'm sure someone else can make them work, I just can't.)

Another thing was that since they are white, and the curtain rods we got were white they basically disappeared into the wall. This is what we wanted because the room is so small, but we wanted to add something to make them stick out.

Oh, and because they're from IKEA they needed to be hemmed.

Enter my 60% off Joann coupon from last weekend and our wonderful friend Callie.

Say, "hi" to Callie.

Our mission was simple. Two bitches, two sewing machines, two sets of curtains. It was go time.

First things first, Nate hung the curtain rods. For some reason hanging curtain rods takes my husband A LONG time. I think it's his perfectionist tendencies. I love him anyway. But, we needed them up so we could hem the curtains appropriately. I think it is way easier to hem curtains when they're up then hemming them and trying to hang the rods accordingly.

Then, we sewed the tabs down. Simple as that, fold, sew. By doing this we went from the tab look to pleats. It is probably the easiest way to achieve pleated curtains of all time. If you don't have tab top curtains, Katrina from Chic Little House has a nice tutorial on how to achieve the pleated look.

Once that was done, we hung them up and pinned for the hem. I didn't remove any of the access hem because I wanted to be able to change my mind later if needed.

Here is what the pleats on top look like when hung on the rod. (Excuse the horrible paint on the ceiling- the moldings should cover those up)

Now, we knew that the curtains at least to the play room would be open the majority of the time. I thought some pom pom fringe would be a fun way to trim the curtains.

...then I remembered I hate pom poms. So after talking to Wookie like a crazy lady in the trim aisle at JoAnns we settled on a green ruffle trim. I totally could have made my own trim...but ain't nobody got time for that. (Just kidding, it's really not bad, but with a 60% off a regular marked item coupon at Joanns I thought it was way easier to just get it pre-done) The exchange with this is that it isn't the exact green as the walls. My give-a-damn was running low so I decided it was close enough.

12 yards of trim and $25 later (woo! awesome coupon) there I was, pinning yard and yard of trim onto the curtains. I quickly straight stitched them down (some parts looking like I may have been tired) and then I went back and did a zig zag stitch over that to ensure they were properly attached.

Woo! Curtains done. Pleated, Trimmed and Hemmed. Like a boss.

...Then I put them up and realized I really needed a way to keep them open to be able to fully appreciate the green trim before showing you guys.

I thought about getting some basic white hold backs like these from PB Teen, but with three sets (door, window, window in playroom) It'd be about $45 plus shipping. I figured for $45 there had to be a more attractive option.

Today when I opened my email and noticed I had a $10 off at World Market coupon waiting for me I thought I would pop in and see what they have, and of course, I fell in love with something that isn't even a real curtain hold back. I found these in the knob section, and you buy them individually at the store. I got all 6 for $33 with my coupon.

I hung them up sideways like if they were hold backs, and tucked the curtains in. Bam! Instant adorable.

The great thing is that once the play room is done this is a nice way of separating the room, until then I can close them and not have to look at the paneling.

Here's a little peek.

And while I don't want to look at the playroom...

Woo! I think it made a huge difference in the way the room "feels".

Anyone else doing any sewing right now?


  1. I think it's funny that you hate tabbed curtains so much. The curtain project I'm currently working on has tabs. I'm impartial. I don't love them. I don't hate them. Who knows, I just might sew them down. We will see! But I think yours turned out great. I love that they are sheer enough to let the light reflect and bounce around. The ruffle is just right.

    1. I think there are some people that can totally rock them- maybe it just has to do with how old my house is... they just don't seem to fit in!!

  2. They look great--definitely adds a girly touch :). I can't believe you hate pom poms, though...they're so likeable and friendly looking!

  3. Cute cute curtains! And yay for craftiness with friends. Especially on those big projects! I love the green ruffle detail.

  4. The nursery is looking adorable! Love the trim on the curtains... definitely adds a feminine touch without resorting to something crazy like pompom fringe. :)

  5. Those flower knobs are pretty much amazing and looks adorable with your curtains I must say. Recently I have bought curtains from, which looks pretty same as of yours and I will now consider buying these knobs too. Thanks for this great idea. They are beautiful wow!


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