Monday, November 11, 2013

What is left?

We mentioned last week that we finally finished painting the white in the nursery. You'd think that would mean that we're done- YAY!

...but no.

I am the kind of person that always forgets the little crap that happens at the end of the project. This time, I am determined to do all that end bullshit because if I don't do it now, shit ain't gunna happen.

(especially since we are 10 weeks away from full term. excuse me while I breathe into a paper bag)

The good thing is- at this point I feel less panicked about WHAT DO WE DO IF SHE COMES EARLY?! As I feel like we have enough done that we could finish in a few weekends with a newborn in the house. Nate and I, as of now, have every intention of using the nursery from the get-go. I know a lot of people say, "oh, that will change once you have the'll want her within ten feet of you"...but the nursery is literally the next room over and I'd rather not share my space when either Nate or I are going to be going back to work within 2 or 3 weeks of her getting here.

So, anyway. What is left? What are all the stupid little things that need to happen?

1. Outlets & Light Switches

When we bought the house, the room was that wood paneling, so the previous owners had black outlets with wood covers. Since that is an obvious thing that is easy to fix we will be replacing them. I want to add a dimmer switch to the room as well. As for outlets, we will be jumping the gun and installing childproof plugs. If we're doing it anyways, mind as well right? These plugs have sliding covers built right in. 

 2. Get the electrician in

We need to add a ceiling fixture to the room (we have our eyes on this crown light from Shades of Light) so we need to have an electrician come in and take care of that for us. When we got it priced, it was only going to be about $100- we just need to get 'er done.

 3. Add trim/chair rail

We took down trim that we thing is a little puny for the space- we still have it, but we think we're going to trade it out for the chunkier crown that you can find in our downstairs.

4. Putter!!

We have all of our fabric and ideas- we just need to get everything made and in place. This, of course, is the fun part.

5. The entire fucking playroom

...I guess we'll get there when we get there.

Are there little things at the end of projects that you always forget about until you get there? i'm sure I'm forgetting something else.


  1. 10 weeks?!?! Holy crap! And that light is fabulous!

  2. sounds like a doable list :) the outlet covers with built in childproofing...brilliant!

  3. You've got this! Everything is coming together beautifully.

  4. Wow, language Momma! You might as well start now.......... babies have a way of quickly turning into little darlings with big ears, and they learn sooooo fast! Don't want the F bomb flying out of the little ones mouth :)

    1. ha! Trust me, Jeanna- even if I stopped cussing completely the girl is going to learn language from her father's career line. Not a big deal to me as long as she uses it in the proper environment.


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