Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Don't Know if We Failed...

So at the beginning of the year we had posted about our favorite things about 2012 and what we wanted to do in 2013. Reading it now I kind of giggle. Little did we know I'd be out of commission for most of this year (I read a post about a woman installing floors a week before her due date and I laughed and took a nap. Not you, Kenz, I support your pregnant floor installing endeavors, but I still took a nap after that one too) we did get the most important thing done, so hey! That's a plus.

Here's all the cute things I thought we were going to do this year.

"5 Bigger Things We Want to get Done in 2013:
1.) GET A NEW ROOF ON THIS MOTHER. Like...ASAP. Like 6 months ago... and gutters and all that jazz.
2.) Build an organization system/work bench/station in the basement
3.) Fix the Garage
4.) Paint the exterior porch/trims that aren't vinyl
5.) Create a dog friendly landscape"

Well...Yay! We got a new roof and gutter system.

...and uh...that's about it. 

Now, it's actually funny that an organization system is on the list, because even though I've mentioned it about a thousand times on the blog (and probably 5000 more to the husband) this is the one thing I am ADAMANT that MUST be completed before the baby gets here. It's my weird and current obsession. I want my buckets up off the floor, the basement cleaned up and the ability to find what I need when I need it. Putting baby stuff that we don't need yet in storage doesn't work if I just forget it's there in six months.

As for fixing the garage- we bought a bigger car to accomodate my giant husband and a carseat, so we kind of...don't need the garage anymore because the car doesn't fit in it. Whoops. Our goals have switched to making it a really good work studio/somewhere to stick a beer fridge (what, that's classy?)

Painting the exteriors desperately needs to happen- and was on the roster until we found out that bending over made me want to hurl for the entire summer. I'm kicking myself for not toughing it out because our porch is very slippery because of it, and since my fucking garage doesn't work it's the only way out of the house.

And as for the dog friendly landscape, the yard looks even worse than it did last year. There will be some serious happenings back there as soon as we pay off some of our other debt including plans we've made for a new porch/patio hybrid. But that's down the road- that shit will not be happening next summer.

I had a much harder time this year coming up with my "favorite" 2013 projects because I had a much smaller selection than last year (and I'm seriously behind on blogging too).

1.) Stupidly, one of my favorite things may be my free denim dog bed that I made for the pooches- they use it every day, have not damaged it AT ALL and it isn't invasive to the decor (because I live in Michigan- denim matches everything)
2.) Also, still madly in love with our plywood art. Both our clock and my ombre vine. I'll combine these into one because they're basically the same project.
3.) The simple update we did to the upstairs bathroom that makes me not want to die every time I walk in there (I'm especially glad we did this since I'm in there a zillion times a night)
4.) I loved creating a garden bed in the dead space of our front yard- next year I promise to take care of it better.
5.) Then you know, I'm DIYing a baby. That totally counts as a project, right? (let me sob in the corner over the lack of real projects in this house)

As for 2014, here are my goals other know, finishing last years goals.

1.) Paint the fucking stairwell (yes, we have been staring at the wallpaper glue since Brenna ripped the wallpaper down without asking)
2.) Birth a happy, healthy baby.
3.) Camp A LOT.
4.) Finish her room
5.) Work on being better grown ups.

I know, not as fun of a list- though it is fun if you appreciate that I consider the stairwell as annoying as me being a crappy grown up. Nate and I really want to work on simple goals next year, like oh, I don't know, not eating out all the time and trying silly things like, grocery shopping before we're out of food, doing laundry before we're out of underwear, and mopping the floor as much as we claim that we do to our friends and family (I swear, the dogs just tracked all this mud through the house...)

Because these are the goals, we are going to be much more of a home blog than a DIY blog next year. Obviously, we're cheap and broke so we will be continuing to DIY everything, but are hoping to venture into DIY cleaners, a lot more sewing, trying cool recipes and hopefully sharing more life posts about the ridiculous things I expect will happen next year ("Nate, don't build the camping fire with the baby IN the Ergo", "SEAMUS GET OUT OF THE PACK N PLAY")

What about you guys? What are your goals for next year? What's your favorite project you've done this year? What are your grown up tips?


  1. Being a better grownup - my number one goal next year too! Let's see, how about washing the dishes before I'm forced to use Tupperware as bowls and measuring spoons & spatulas as utensils (pathetic, I know). Oh and maybe do laundry before it gets so bad that I'm forced to wash clothes just so I have something to wear (and dry off with) when I get out of the shower.

  2. I love that you're already anticipating the dogs hanging out in the pack and play. I expect lots of pictures :)

  3. Sounds like a pretty realistic goal list to me. Priorities and expectations definitely change when a baby is in the pictures. Bigger projects are a LOT harder to accomplish. And that's 100% okay

  4. I think your new goals are perfect--- and that baby will make you be better grown ups automatically. She'll demand that you grocery shop and keep a schedule. :)
    I firmly believe that no one ever REALLY feels like a grown up. We're all just pretending.

  5. Oh, hell. I just turned 49 and I'm STILL working on being a better grown-up. And Cane ripped up the carpet without asking on our stairs nearly TWO years ago, and it's still not fixed. Just want you to know that you're not alone in your endeavors (or the need for them). :-)

  6. Can't wait to see some baby posts in 2014! My big task: Complete my thesis & graduate with an MSc in Earth & Climate Sciences. Yikessssss


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