Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Just Saying Hey!

Hi! I'm the world's worst blogger, nice to meet you. Honestly, I'm feeling a little burned out trying to get everything done before Wookie gets here while juggling the holidays.

So...really there's nothing to talk about?

I figured you would all appreciate the honesty of me saying that what I have done isn't really interesting, groundbreaking, or pinterest worthy- and that with working the sun isn't up to take pictures anyway.

I know, every midwestern blogger's excuse ever.

So I could bore you guys with filler or I could say, "when I have something cool to share, I'll pop in and let you know what's going on."

If you'd rather I post little randoms instead of just big projects, that is cool too- I just really hate getting excited to see a blog post something and you click on it and it is obviously filler (pot calling the kettle...)

So, what is going on with you guys? What would you like to see over the next few months as we near the end of the pregnancy/verge into parenthood? What kind of balance do you guys like to see on blogs?


  1. Personally I like you as a person as well as for your DIY ideas. I'd love to see a little note from you once in a while just saying you feel like hell or everything is sunshine and rainbows. I've been wondering how you've been getting along. I know for me when I can't do all the things I want/need to do that a little whining and support goes a long way to help make me feel better. But don't beat Wookie up just to be on the computer. :)

  2. I love seeing your home projects, but that's not really what it's about for me when it comes to who I follow. I follow people I like spending time with. So, like the previous commenter, I like hearing how you're doing. And I'm with you on filler--nothing gets me to unsubscribe faster than a blog that goes all kinds of nuthin' on me. What's really happening in your real life isn't filler. Part of being a Broke Ass Home blogger is that you just can't do projects all the time. I appreciate a blog that shares that reality.

  3. I follow a lot of design blogs. Some I only check once in a great while and others I check more often, like yours. You crack me up! I also wonder what is going on with you when I haven't seen a post for awhile. I like to hear what is up with your life and I don't feel like you could ever bore us!

  4. I follow a lot of blogs and you are one of my favorites! I love to see what your up to, you crack me up! When you don't blog I always wonder what you've been up to. I agree with Rita, life isn't a filler.

  5. yep, what everyone else said. Some house blogs you read because you like the house; some you read because you like the person writing about it. Some are the whole package--like you! So even if you're not doing house stuff you're still....half a package? Hmm, that doesn't sound quite right. Uhh, anyway, I'll definitely still read whatever you're writing :)

  6. hi emma! so i agree with all the comments... i started reading all your posts some months ago and you are hilarious! and i mean it in a good way. I'm always looking forward to hear (or read) something from you... so don't worry so much about what we think and just write what you feel like writing... believe me when i say that your fans will like it anyway... i know i would :-D


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