Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Later" Shelving

There was been some definite nesting going on over here from both parents. In fact, Nate took a sledgehammer to my nursery. Yeah- tell me about it. I'm a little stressed. But, we will get to that tale later in the week when I am done hyperventilating.

In the mean time, I was looking for some kind of organization system for all of that stuff that we got from baby showers that we don't need immediately. This includes the 18 rubber duckies we got. Yes, we got 18 rubber duckies and they were all used in some kind of bow...type...thing. Adorable. But now I have 18 rubber duckies and a child who won't use them for quite awhile.

So, I did what any rational adult does- I took to the internet in a quest for a mom who has been there, done 18 rubber duckies. When I saw this video about closet organization, I immediately drove to the closest dollar store (and they didn't have the awesome buckets you see in the video- boo) and drug Nate over to home depot.

At Home Depot, I filled Nate in with what we were doing (so frustrating, I thought he was in my head and knew already) and we purchased 3 of the wire shelf kits for $10 a piece. We did not buy the track system because of the inconsistencies of our plaster- you really never know if something like that will hold and we thought we were more likely to have success with three individually hung shelves (good thing too as several holes we drilled crumbled about 3 inch sections of plaster...ugh)

The closet in the nursery is kind of perfect for these shenanigans. For starters, it is HUGE, it has two hanging rods, though one is behind the other, and then a big empty wall. When we were using this room for storage we had a whole dresser in here but I didn't want to deal with another dresser in the room. Call me crazy, but I thought three would be kind of excessive.

We decided to hang the shelves straight in from the door instead of over to the side to keep things feeling more open.

Nate crankily went in with all of his gadgets and got to work (he would rather do ANYTHING than hang things).

Also, if you're ever looking for a small gift for your honey (or yourself) I totally recommend this little magnetic wrist band (and no, this isn't an affiliate link, I honestly have no idea how to do that). Nate uses it for every. single. project.  I got it as a stocking stuffer for him last year and I don't think I could get him to change a light bulb without it now.

After everything was hung up, I loaded up all of the random crap I have right now that I found useful. I'm positive this will all change almost immediately after she actually gets here, but for now it's nice to have stuff out of the main room and have some sense of organization.

And BOOM! I have officially posted one of the like 15 projects we've done that are little but still happened.

How is everyone? Anyone doing anything fun for NYE? I'll be taking a heartburn pill and crawling into bed at about 9:30. Happy 2014!


  1. pinned that magnetic wristband - it will be great for upcoming birthdays, fathers day, and maybe even just because day! thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Very cool wrist thingy! I pinned it too :) And bravo for all the organization, every little bit helps! Not only can it look pretty and be useful, but believe me you will feel less stressed knowing where everything is.

  3. I'm a big fan of that wire shelving, I need to do that in one of my closets as well.
    Matt & I will be making a deep dish skillet pizza & watching New Years Evil tonight. Then tomorrow I am turning a giant cardboard box into a headboard with one of my friends!! holllaaaa.

  4. Shelves look great :). And that wristband is GENIUS.

  5. Happy new year, Emma! Although, I guess you're in bed now. :-)


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