Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Best Mobile Ever.

I have the best mom ever. And combined with her magic powers, I have the best mobile ever.

Like, don't even try to compare. Just get ready for some serious ooohhh-ing and ahhhh-ing. That is your job right now. Here, let's just go right to the eye candy, and then we'll go into the story and how to.

It all started when I told my mom about a mobile I saw on Etsy. It was a really cute felted Where the Wild Things Are mobile with characters from the story. I felt it was a cute and easy way to put the theme of the nursery in without having to paint a mural on the wall. The thing was that the shop person was asking over $100 for the mobile- which I'm sure was WORTH it especially being an Etsy owner myself, I know time plays a big factor in pricing in the stores, but the problem with being a crafter is that you always wonder if you can do it for less. 

I asked my mom if she knew how to do something like that, and she said, "I'm sure I can figure something out."

Fast forward several weeks, and she presents me with the worlds most intricate, amazing, beautiful, heirloom quality, hand stitched pieces for a mobile. (Which I'm sure by the end of it, she wishes she'd just had paid the $100 for the Etsy mobile)

Don't believe me? There are hundreds of embellishments on the sea monster alone.

The fact that these are so beautiful actually presented me with a problem. I didn't want them just for a mobile. They're so gorgeous I felt like they need to be able to stored in a way that they can be passed down, or turned into something else, or something. And since my mom said she has, "spacial issues" she literally handed these to me in a tin and told me to make a mobile.

(By the way, I asked her when she had the time to do these, and she said, "oh you know, they put Buffy on Netflix." My mom is a badass)

Here are the cast of characters for Wook's mobile.

As to how I made this into a mobile. I thought about it long and hard- we even considered something cool like hanging them off a stripped lampshade or something- but I didn't want the focus to be taken away from this piece of art, so I figured that floral wire would be the least "heavy"- visually speaking.

In addition to the floral wire (which I think was $1.99 at Joanns?) I also picked up a pack of Beadalon tags and a pack of jewelry designer clasps. I wasn't sure what I wanted the placement to be, so I thought making them interchangeable would be the best.

I took some white thread and stitched on the tags to the back of the characters. When I don't need them to have tags anymore I can cut the thread with my seam ripper and none of the felt will have been damaged.

Then I got to bending the wires. I ended up using 1 full size wire (A), 1 wire cut in half (B), 2 wires cut into thirds(C), and one wire that I cut a 2 inch piece off (E) and then cut the remaining in half (D).

This is going to be confusing. But I promise it's not. Get ready for a freaking sweet piece of diagram art.

To start off, I took a full length of wire, found the middle and wrapped it around my finger. Then I took a pair of needle nose pliers from my jewelry stash and flipped the ends up. This is the top of the mobile (A).

I then repeated the process, but looped the middle around the pliers instead of fingers for the B pieces.

For C, D, and E pieces, I flipped the ends over, connecting them at the points shown.

Once the mobile was together, all I had to do was clasp the felt monsters onto the open loops on the mobile! I played around with it until the weight distribution was correct and I liked the placement and called it a day.

I installed it with a ceiling hook over the slanted part of the crib. I currently just have it hanging there, but I think we're going to put it on a chain so it can move a little more freely.

It is the first finished Wild Thing piece for the room, so I smile every time I walk past it. You can adapt this mobile pattern to as many tiers as you'd like, and if you have little felt creatures or seasonal decor you have around your house you could try making a mobile with those!

Who says mobiles are just for kids anyway?


  1. THIS...IS...AMAZING!!!!!! I would have cried like a child, for sure!!

    She did a fantastic job - just wow!! And when Wookie, and sibling Wookies get older, they would look awesome on the Christmas tree as individual ornaments.

    Sooo cool!!

    1. Christmas tree ornaments are an AWESOME idea for them!

  2. Your mom is indeed a badass. Well done!

  3. Your mom did such a great job on the felt. SO much detail!

  4. Such a lucky baby! And lucky you to have a mom who can craft that beauty!

  5. Oh, Emma! Those are just amazing. Speechless. Envious. Joyous. Wow!

  6. Your mom is amazing!

  7. Fabulous! Can your mom make me a mobile, too? ;)

  8. Amazing! Such talent and so perfect for your little girl!

  9. These are amazing! Your little one will have the most awesome view at sleepy time now. The detail your mom put into to these is incredible. WoW just WOW!


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