Monday, January 13, 2014

And then he took a crowbar to my playroom...

Way back when, before we got pregnant, Nate and I were going to turn the second bump of the nursery into a playroom/kids oasis for our nieces and nephews. We had planned awesome shelving and lots of little stations around the room.

Then we got pregnant and I began to casually mention to him about a thousand times that if he was going to do anything about the death bench that was in there, he needed to do it sooner rather than later. (Okay, maybe there was slight nagging involved)

Did Nate listen? No. Because he is Nate is does things when the mood strikes him. Well, with seven weeks to my due date (5 now), I was sitting in the recliner in the nursery with Brenna while we tried to get everything cleaned out. I had pretty much resigned that nothing was going to happen in that room before Wookie got here and I was just going to paint it so it was slightly more tolerable to be in there.

When Nate overheard that I was planning on painting, he came in and said, "well why are you going to paint it if we're going to rip it out?"

and I looked at him and said, "because you've been saying for over a year that you were going to take it out and you never did."

And then I ate my words and said goodbye to this...

Now, before you all ask me why I got rid of a toy box in a playroom, I'll tell you why. THE THING WAS A DEATH TRAP.

The lid was about a thousand pounds, it didn't have any kin of safety mechanism to it, and it was super, super deep. Which in my mind just meant that instead of any kids being able to get anything out of the toybox, there would be a lot of asking adults to get things out of the toybox for fear of them opening it, it slamming on top of them, and us having a headless/fingerless children running amok around our house.

Aint nobody got time to be that helpful.

Next thing I know, Nate appears, hands me my "pregnant supervisor gear", aka this...

And before I could ask him if we had any contingency plans (what if there is duct work, electric or bad flooring underneath know, logical questions) he just started taking the damn thing apart.

Fast forward me panicking and asking him repeatedly if he could really get all of this put back together before the baby gets here and him telling me to sit quietly in the corner and behave myself, the whole thing was wayyy overly built, and horribly finished. Like, Nate had to take a freaking sawzall to the damn thing to get it detached from itself, but the beadboard covering the outside wasn't evenly cut.



Then Nate starts going OH. GET OUT. GET OUT. GET OUT. GET OUT.

I'm thinking, dead rat? depression era gold? what's going on.

Nope. Nothing that cool, just the fact that there was NO WALL BEHIND THE TOYBOX so good ol' fiberglass insulation started spilling into the room- which, lucky me, I'm horribly allergic to.

Even though we had closed the room off prior to starting the demo and we had the windows open, within thirty seconds of me waddling as fast as I could out of that room I started to feel my throat close up and my skin start burning.

Good times, really.

And then really interesting things happened all of which I heard about with an assortment of colorful language as Nate discovered them.

Remember how I said, what if there was ductwork or electricity?

No, didn't have that problem.

What if there was different floors?

Not only was there different floors. Oh no, there was NO floor. Nothing. Not even subfloor. Just a nice view into my kitchen ceiling.

Old houses, gotta love them right?

Nate said he would type something up for me about how he fixed said problem with no joists or anything to work with, as well as how he only used wood from the toybox, though he hasn't done that yet, so in the beauty of my eyes, and the internet, the room went from half a toy box to this.

It's fun being out of the room. Even though I was terrified of him breaking the room I just worked on, I got to miss the clean up of this...

So, that's a total perk, right?

We've actually made a lot of progress on this room, which I'll start filling everyone in on, but if you're dying to see real time right now, head over to our Instagram (@ourbrokeasshome). I am for sure posting several pictures a day of what we're working on, so even though I kind of suck at blogging right now, I promise I haven't completely dropped off the face of the earth!

What has everybody been working on?


  1. Insane. I never understand why people take horrible shortcuts like NO FLOOR OR WALLS around a toy box! It leaves so much work for the next person. There's a special place in hell for people who do shoddy work like that. But I'm glad Nate found a solution. It will be a great room, and I'm sure the little bambina won't think twice about the way it was fixed because she'll be too busy in her imagination.

  2. five weeks? PLENTY of time. The Amish build a whole barn in a day. I saw it on Witness ;)

  3. Lol, as your working on tearing a window seat out of a playroom, I'm working on trying to build one in our playroom. I can't wait to see what your guys do in here, I know it's going to be amazing!

  4. Oh, wow. Just. Wow. Love the action shot of you. :-)


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