Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nursing Nook



So a lot has been happening in the playroom since Nate took the death chest out. But, some of that is really boring stuff that it's like, oh, yay, you primed. I am not going to bore you with stringing all that out.

After Nate took the chest out, we primed and painted the room basic, out of the can white.

Then Nate took a look around and said, "does this look a little 'Producers' to you?"

And yeah, yeah it did. And no, Ula did not just "tidy oop"

So we decided we needed a splash of color.

To decide on what color, I went to my fabric. I always view a room as a quilt. When you're piecing a quilt, you always need one fabric that makes the rest of the fabrics make sense. We had already settled on the green wild thing fabric for the front half of the room, but my friend Carolyn had made this adorable little quilt using the blue wild thing fabric (not to mention I bought like 4 yards of it in a panic) so I wanted to incorporate more of that blue fabric. Then, I chose the wild thing piecing fabric- which has all the colors in it (the middle). See how now the other two speak to each other? No? It's hard to explain.

So after knowing that I could use the blue fabric, I pulled the darker blue out of it, which turned out to be very similar to Ocean View by Behr.

The trick? I painted it on the wall that you can't see from the nursery. This meant that I could now incorporate these other fabrics and add some color without it messing with the green/orange thing we've got going on in the front of the room.

With just that one wall blue, the room started to look more child like, which, hey, is the point of the playroom, right? So even though Nate's half of the room still looks like a bomb went off, I felt like I needed to make part of the room look like I've done it on purpose.

So after installing new outlets, lights, switches and covers (which we'll discuss later, because I wanted to post about something pretty) I had Nate put my vintage recliner in place. I've mentioned it on instagram a bunch of times, but I don't remember if I ever posted about it here.

After spending some time in the Bentwood rocker, I decided that with that on the hardwood there was a big chance of it slipping out from under you trying to get in and out of it, so we sold it for almost double what we paid for it, and scored this awesome vintage recliner from an estate sale (the man holding the estate sale's name was Thor, which has gotta say something about how great that day was, right?)

The chair is a La-Z-Boy rocker/recliner from the 70s in burnt pumpkin and, score, was covered in plastic, so while it was stuffy smelling, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Oh, and it's comfy as hell.

Did I mention we paid $50 for it?

Chicka, Chicka yeahhhh.

I also made myself a little head pillow using my three seam, envelope technique, and put Carolyn's quilt up over the chair for easy snuggling. My boppy will be covered in the fabric that has all the colors in it.

After we had the chair, we set out to find a little table. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it because why spend $100 on a table to put next to my $50 recliner? That seemed kind of silly.

Enter an e-mail from Habitat for Humanity saying "up to 75% off at the ReStore!" and BOOM. $5 side table.

For now, I put an awesome vintage lamp that I got at my baby shower (my friends and family know me so well, right?) an apothecary full of binkies/teethers, and a little toy from my niece. Since the table is two tiered, I stacked some of our board books on the bottom shelf.

I also want to get a basket to put under the table to put bottles of water, my breast pump and supplies and burp cloths.

I'm aware that there is still painters tape around, and touch ups that need to be done, and silly things like...the paint needs to be scraped off the floor since Nate's a messy painter...but doing just a little nesting made me feel so much better.

It also happens to be Teagan approved, which is also a good thing, right?

Now we just have to de-construction zone the rest of her room... At least I have somewhere comfy to sit and supervise from... :)


  1. It's so cute! the colors match perfectly and that apothecary is so cool!

  2. It's coming together! Hooray for spaces being less of a construction zone :)

  3. Looking good in there--I LOVE that lamp!

  4. That's such a cozy-looking spot now. And comfy is more important than anything when it comes to a baby-rocking chair!

  5. Emma, I love this little spot! Such a great deal on the chair and table! Exciting to think that very soon you'll be sitting there with your sweet little one enjoying her AND all your efforts to make this place so special! Yay!


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