Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You a Wild Thang

Yay for more jumping around in projects! We are quickly trying to wrap up baby stuff around here and zoom in on the more important projects.

But...I had a moment where this big hunk of wall was really really bothering me.

Remember this hunk of wall?

This is the dresser we will be using for a changing table and it is about a four foot gap between the door to the hallway and the closet. The room was still pretty bare bones and I felt like it was missing some pizzaz.

Months ago I posted this picture on IG thinking it'd be a fun idea. It is reminiscent of our giant clock, but I thought it might be a good use of space none the less.

Fast forward three months, and while we were supposed to be doing important projects, I deemed this top of the priority list.

I purchased a 4 foot square piece of underlayment and drew a piece out the silhouette of a Wild Thing- and it was times like this I am super grateful I have a little artistic talent.

I must admit, I did have a little help figuring out how to get scruff to fall from a face...

Step 1: Seamus

And that, my friends is the step by step DIY tutorial on how to draw a scruff.

Then I had Nate take it down to his work station in the basement (still not allowed down in the basement due to the slippery stairs) and he cut it out on the jigsaw, then came upstairs to sand down the edges.

We held it up for size (and I was suddenly way more impressed with Nate's sweet jigsawing skills)

We decided to paint it with some leftover paint in "Pencil" by Martha Stewart- we have used this in several places around the house so it made the room feel a little bit more integrated incorporating it in the nursery.

Bonus- it was in the fabric that I used when I sewed a cover for our changing pad.

As for the installation- we decided it was safest to just screw it directly into the wall that way there is no way for it to ever fall down. We installed four screws and then just painted over them.

I'm really happy with how it turned out- it adds another level of sass to the room.

It is amazing what you can do with a little plywood and a jigsaw! This huge statement only cost about $8!


  1. I love it!! once the baby is potty trained.. u should put a mirror in the middle of this! it would look so cute!! Or now.. but that might be frowned upon because it could potentially be dangerous.. You both did an amazing job though!! :)

  2. Awesome! I'm so impressed! I'm really loving how the nursery is shaping up - what a lucky little one.

  3. LOVE that! I'm impressed with your drawing skills, Seamus' modeling skills, AND Nate's jigsawing skills :).

  4. Very cute! Are you going to write on it like in the inspiration piece?

    1. At this point we are not going to- I had drawn the inspiration up prior to a baby shower where a friend gifted us some paintings she had done- one of which had the Eat You Up I Love You So, on it! We have thought about adding hooks for hairbows, or installing baskets for diaper storage or things like that- but for now we like ti the way it is.


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