Monday, March 17, 2014

DIY Receiving Blankets

One thing that amazes me about this tiny human is how many things need to be washed from being attacked by bodily fluids. Add delicate skin on top of it and it's hard to keep everyone clean and comfy.

We were given these adorable flannel receiving blankets  at one of our showers, and we use them to death. The pack has 5 blankets in it, and we probably go through 2-3 a day.

When I went to purchase more for convenience- I realized that they were about $18 with shipping for the 5 pieces of flannel.

Don't get me wrong- they are adorable, but they're literally just surged pieces of flannel. They aren't backed, they aren't thick and they're not even a yard of fabric.

Not to mention that makes them about $3.50+ a blanket.

$3.50 for a piece of flannel that my kid is just going to barf the contents of my boob all over? No thanks.

So I did what any rational new mom would. The first day it went over freezing, we ventured to the fabric store! (go-go-gadget moby wrap!)

It just so happened that the flannel was on sale for $2 a yard- and to mimic the ones off of Amazon, I only needed 2/3 of a yard each.

I might have gone a little crazy.

What? Totally rational to babywear and dance through the flannel aisle throwing everything that makes one happy into the cart.

So, in that totally rational "oh my god is that the sun"/first time I'd been out on my own with the baby state, I ended up with 15 cuts of 2/3 yard of flannel.

Once we got home, I prewashed all of my fabric- flannel is notorious for shrinking and fraying.

Once everyone was washed, I took out my rotary cutter to square all the edges. I find this is just faster, if you don't have a rotary cutter, you can just cut regularly. I also cut each piece of fabric in half.

My mom used a similar technique making cloth wipes for us, but she has a serger. Sadly for us, she didn't forget to leave that at my house (unlike about 5 shirts and a bunch of random ends of yarn...) so I had to improvise.

I also took the time to cut all of them out during one nap so I could quickly sew one or two at a time instead of having to start over every time.

I could have finished the seams like a normal person, but again, my kid is just spitting on these. Ain't nobody got time for double hems on that bullshit. As my mom would say, "These don't have to be guest room beautiful"

So I set my sewing machine to a zig-zag stitch, at a 5 width and a 1.5 length for a wide but short running stitch. I folded the edge once as I was running it through the machine (ain't nobody got time for pinning with a napping newborn either...) I finished all four edges like this, and voila- instant burp cloth.

Out of the stash I bought, I was able to make 30 cloths for about $26 after my coupons. This made my receiving blankets about $0.87 instead of over $3.50

I also think that the snuggle flannel at Jo-Anns is a better quality and will hold up better. Not to mention that true to the name, they are hella snuggly.

Also, if you need another hit of cute- it's a certain dog's birthday today. Which is, of course, why we named his Seamus.

I hope you all have a safe and happy St. Patrick's day!


  1. Great idea! I want to see pictures of all the prints you used!

  2. Question: how big did the blankets end up being? I have 4, 1 yard pieces of snuggle flannel, and I want to make some blankets. I don't have a baby, never spent any time with babies, and have never seen a baby blanket in real life. So how big should they end up being?


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