Monday, March 10, 2014

The One Thing

Hi Everybody!

Somehow, and excuse me while I cry in the corner, tomorrow night, my baby will be a month old. The same baby who it seems like only yesterday I was staring at her wondering how the hell I made a human. This month has been a roller coaster and I've really been enjoying my time off- in fact, this is one of the first times I have touched a computer this month.

This is not to say that we didn't have our challenges this past month- the biggest of them being feeding the baby.

I birthed a beautiful 8 pound baby that dropped to 7 pounds in two days. She wouldn't latch on and even when I thought she was, she wouldn't eat- she would just fall back asleep.

I was lucky that my hospital is equipped with really awesome lactation consultants that spent literally hours with Callie and myself trying to figure it out, and they kept tell me, "she is so close! Once your milk comes in this should be a sinch!"

We were sent home with a sick abyss of formula and told that we had to supplement to try and get her weight back up while we played the waiting game with my milk.

Yeah, except the three kinds of formula our pediatrician gave us resulted in us having one gassy, stinky, unhappy newborn who was getting used to nipples that were too easy, and it wasn't helping her laziness.

Then, the milk came.

And oh my freak, did it come with a vengeance. Like, wake up covered in milk, soak through pads and shirts, totally not understanding what's happening, kind of milk. So I did what anyone with rock hard boobs of deliciousness would do, I turned myself into a cow, sat down with a pump for hours a day just to make myself feel relatively comfortable again. (With a freezer getting over 100 oz of milk one weekend not including what the baby ate)

Yeah, does anyone agree with me that pumping is horrible? I understand it's a necessity, but it was very hard for me emotionally to sit there attached to a machine while Nate got to feed the baby. It almost felt like I did all this hard work, and I didn't even get the perk of breastfeeding that everyone pushes on you.

Can we just talk about how much I hate "Breast is Best!"

Yes, I'm aware that breast milk has it's benefits, but it's not fucking fair for everyone to treat you like you're sucking at life because your baby won't eat and you're spending hours cleaning bottles, storing milk and setting up stations around the house for you to be able to take care of business.

Not to mention, they didn't want Callie getting nipple confusion, so I was pumping into the medela bottles, then sucking the milk up with syringes and feeding her several ounces at a time like a little bird. By the time we were done feeding her, it was time for me to attach myself to the machine again.

This is why I was so, so, so, so happy to have the Kiinde System. And no, this is not a sponsored post- I just legitimately want to scream from the rooftops how great this system is.

Yes, I was still attached to a pump- but I was pumping directly into the bags which turn into the bottles. I had the security of knowing that there was no way my milk would be ruined or messed with someone else watching the baby.

It was a relief to know that the nipples were more challenging and made Callie have to work for her milk, and the longer nipples helped with her deep set pallet.

I loved not having to do a million dishes, and be able to actually spend time with my baby instead of sitting there attached to a machine or the kitchen sink watching someone else snuggle my fresh baby.

I really recommend anyone that pumps to give this system a try. Why am I such a fan? Because after 2.5 weeks of feeding her with the kiinde system, she gained weight fast and miraculously one day she just....suddenly understood how to breastfeed. I don't know if it's silly, but I completely credit the Kiinde system.

Not to mention, a happy boob coma'd baby is a wonderful baby.

I hope you guys all take a second to check it out, and then immediately buy a gift set for anyone you know that is going to be having a baby. I know for certain it is the only reason I stayed mentally intact for our first month because of it.

pssst: if you need a baby picture fix while we're spotty on posting, make sure you look at our instagram. someone might make appearances there several times a day.


  1. Yes pumping sucks! Congrats on sticking through her and helping her figure out to latch. Now you have the flexibility to nurse her anywhere and every where, but also give her a bottle when you just NEED to go to Target for an hour.

  2. Congratulations!
    The picture on the bottom left is so darn cute! She just looks so content.

  3. Look at your gorgeous baby!!!! also, I'm so glad you found something that worked so well for you and that Callie finally got the hang of things to give you a break from the pumping! I am so impressed with mothers who pump exclusively for any length of having a newborn isn't enough work all by itself!

  4. So glad you are taking time to fully be a mom. I remember when my twins were born, all the things I'd been doing were instantly so much less compelling and important. And glad you guys figured out feeding solutions. I never did get a good milk supply, and my guys were preemies and had lots of feeding issues. I pumped exclusively for 4 months. Yeah, I felt like a cow. Finally my supply gave out completely and we had to switch to formula, which helped us realize they have allergy issues. The hypoallergenic formula we ended up with was so much better for my kids because I'd been inadvertently eating stuff they were allergic to. So, I can attest: Breast is not always best.

  5. OMG, those shots with the dogs keeping watch over her are adorable!

  6. I'm glad you found a good system. Chaos whilst feeding is not something you want added on top of all the new newborn stresses. Routine is the best thing in the world.

  7. Can I ask which items of the Kiinde system you have? I'm due in July and while I hope I won't have any issues, I'd rather know what I need (or should get) and what you found to be a godsend.

    1. I have everything and have every intention of getting their new foodii system. The one thing I could go without would be the storage rack. We love the warmer and twist system. My only complaint is due to the length of the bags its hard to nurse and pump at the same time, but its just a time adjustment.

    2. Good to know :) Can I also ask what pump you use with it? I thought that the Kiinde would've had a pump but apparently not.

    3. My insurance covered the pump in style. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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