Monday, April 28, 2014

My Hospital Bag List

One thing I have been meaning to put down for myself for future reference is what I actually needed at the hospital when I had Calliope. I tried to be reasonable and not pack too much because some of the pinterest lists are RIDICULOUS.

This is what I actually loved having at the hospital with me.

A lightweight robe- my sister got me a cheap wal-mart one for christmas (in black, in case of blood)
Nursing tank top- pretty much the whole time I was at the hospital all I wore was a nursing tank and the robe, which I pulled up when I was in bed to not bleed on it.
Flip Flops- for showering/quick trips around the room
Fuzzy socks with grips on the bottom- if my dad's cellulitus taught me anything it is NEVER touch a hospital floor barefoot...just in case.

Chap Stick- for the love of god, take chap stick, I never use it, ever, but it was suggested to me and for the love of everything holy it was the most useful thing I brought. Something about an ice chip only diet for 15 hours that makes chap stick heavenly.
Loufa- So good for the scrubbing. Scrubbing is amazing.
Travel size toiletries- nothing felt as good as that first shower.

Cell Phone

Oh hell, was that list too short for you? Sorry it was pretty and full of pinteresty goodness but that's the way the cookie crumbled.

I didn't turn on the TV once, I didn't have time to read a book, I didn't wear pants, let alone brand new pants I've bought specifically for the birthing of said child and most of my "free" time was spent staring at, taking pictures of, and updating family and friends with updates on the baby child.

If there was one thing I'd tell moms about to go into the hospital, it's that they are fully ready to deliver a baby to a woman that comes in a hospital with only her purse. Just spend as much time as you can accepting the fact that this tiny human suddenly belongs to you, and pinch that little baby ass as many times as possible. Nothing in the world is as cute as a fresh baby butt (though nothing is as remarkable as fresh baby moving fingers).

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Photo Dump

We had the special occasion of a day where all of us were home, so we decided to take an updated family picture. This one turned out to be my favorite!

Yes, I am that mom that puts ridiculously sized bows on my small child.

But look, she loves me anyway!

I even remembered to put her in something cute and take some Easter Pictures.

And one sunny day we decided to do one of my favorite things, Potter Park Zoo in Lansing. It's a local zoo which just happens to be the perfect size for kids. It's not so big they get cranky, in fact, you can see just about everything in 2-3 hours, but it still has some cool stuff like lions, tigers, and tons of monkeys. Also, rogue peacocks- which in my opinion are always a good time. By the time we'd seen just about everything Callie was ready to head home.

We also grabbed the obligatory zoo family pictures.

We are so thankful the weather has snapped and we are able to get the hell out of this house!!! What have you guys been doing with this above -40 degree weather?

Friday, April 25, 2014

It was a Bedskirt.

Here we go, travelling back in time, to when I was crazy pregnant and doing projects but not having the energy to post anything about it...

So back in the day, when the nursery was a makeshift guest room, I'd dressed a twin bed (cough-airmattress-cough) up with bedding from Home Goods and Delia*s.

Then, when we did the nursery, I somehow dressed the windows using very similar fabric as the bedskirt shown above.

So, logically, when I was faced with dressing the small window in the playroom, my logical thought was, "hey, I bet I can turn that bedskirt into a tiered curtain."

...what, you don't have thoughts like that in the middle of the night when you're freakishly pregnant?

I figured even if I couldn't make it work I wouldn't be out anything since the bedskirt was haphazardly thrown into the guest bedroom closet- so out came the scissors!

First, I cut the the ruffled skirt off of the flat panel. If your bedskirt is not ruffled, you will not have an easy time making it tiered. I with with the ruffly tiered look because the bedskirt was already gathered.

(Whoops- Naked boppy, cutting in.)

Then I measured the window and added half the width to it, and then divide it in half! (Example, if you have a window that is 20 inches, add another ten inches to it, making your total curtain 30- divide that by 2 for two panels, making a bunch of 15 inch rectangles)

Now, the trick with a pre-gathered skirt is to make sure you are measuring your needed length from the top of panel. Your panels will be more trapezoid shaped, so be careful- they're supposed to look that way!

Now, because my window was very small, I was actually able to use the large part of the bedskirt (the part that goes under the mattress) as the "curtain" part. I finished the raw edges on the bed skirt tiers and the large curtain pieces by folding the edges over twice and doing a straight stitch down.

I then sewed my ruffles onto the curtain causing the top of one to overlap the hem of the previous by about 2 inches so there was no exposed panel.

To allow it to hang on the rod, I simply sewed ribbons evenly across the top to get the tab-top appearance we achieved with the curtains in the main part of the nursery. The point of this was to coordinate while still being different.

And then I hung them up and realized that Nate was absolutely right. There was way too much white for a kids room.

After I pressed it (for obvious reasons), I took out some of my Wild Thing fabric to add more ruffles and color. There is a real way to gather, I didn't feel the need to do it because I was really pregnant (that's a good defense, right?) I made the ruffles the most pin crazy and lazy way possible. I pinned the sides. Then I pinned the middle, and then I kept pinning half way between the pins until there was a nice ruffle, and straight stitched right over that bad boy. AND I only broke three needles. Badass, right?

The curtains ended up costing only what I had spent on this fabric for other pieces of the nursery (I don't remember the exacts, but I think I only used 2 yards or so). Adding the Wild Things also added a hit of whimsy and really brought the room together- I'm glad I slept on it and made the decision to do it.

Overall, this curtain project made me realize how important it is to grasp the concepts behind sewing, not just knowing how to sew a specific thing. If I had only known how to sew with flat fabric and patterns it never would have occurred to me to use the bedskirt. The weird, newly sentimental part of me likes it too because the bedskirt was in the room while we were waiting to get pregnant. I feel like it's a weird mom reminder how lucky I am to have her.

Plus, I didn't have to drive all the way back to IKEA for more curtain panels 8.5 months pregnant. Always a good thing, right?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Two Months

And then she was two months old. Cause, holy crap, when did that happen?

We have been having a pretty hard time. Callie has been having a hard time gaining weight, so we have been going to doctor's appointments about twice a week. We have done everything from lactation appointments to LLL meetings, to allergy tests, to all day nurse-a-thons. She seems to be doing better now, as we have gained over a pound in the last two weeks. FINALLY. But, here she is, in all her finally above birth weight glory.

One of my better ideas...

Hey Guys!

Long time, no see... I thank you guys for being so patient with us while we adjust to life with a newborn. We do have a story, but that's for another time.

Today we are going to discuss one of my better ideas. One of my goals for 2014 was to be better about grocery shopping and meal planning. We spend a disgusting amount on take out. I admit that it is my biggest weakness, I am COMPLETELY addicted to take out. The ease and all those yummy-ummy chemicals just make me oh so happy.

BUT, given the fact that I've been off work for eight weeks, the maternity leave account is weaning off and we are making every penny stretch all that much further.

May I present: Broke Ass Meal Planning.

There are a million different ways to meal plan- they all piss me off. Why? I hate going to ten different places in my kitchen for the same thing. I also tend to grocery shop when the mood strikes me, then I forget what I bought, and then we get take out.

Oh, and weird thing of mine, I hate sunday-saturday calendars. Who grocery shops on Sunday? Not me, that means my meal plans are off several days.

So, in a random trip through World Market with my mom, I found these days of the week pins (not avail. online) and I thought they would be perfect for some meal planning.

I bought some magnets with adhesive on the back and combined the two. BAM. Magnetic meal planning.

Then, to make things even easier, I bought color coded note cards- each of them I've categorized into beef, pork, veggie, chicken, etc.

I'm in the process of putting all of our recipe cards onto these color coded, AND I'm taking it a step farther and I'm including the grocery list and possible side dishes. This means, when I open up the grocery flier and see chicken is on sale, I pull out all my chicken cards, decide what's for dinner, add them to my grocery list, then I add them to my pins!


Menu Planned.

Be impressed.

I like that I can move the days to where we actually have shopped on and we can add the "date night" right onto the menu.

Oh, and when I change my mind on something I can just move it to a different day.

How do you guys meal plan?