Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Photo Dump

We had the special occasion of a day where all of us were home, so we decided to take an updated family picture. This one turned out to be my favorite!

Yes, I am that mom that puts ridiculously sized bows on my small child.

But look, she loves me anyway!

I even remembered to put her in something cute and take some Easter Pictures.

And one sunny day we decided to do one of my favorite things, Potter Park Zoo in Lansing. It's a local zoo which just happens to be the perfect size for kids. It's not so big they get cranky, in fact, you can see just about everything in 2-3 hours, but it still has some cool stuff like lions, tigers, and tons of monkeys. Also, rogue peacocks- which in my opinion are always a good time. By the time we'd seen just about everything Callie was ready to head home.

We also grabbed the obligatory zoo family pictures.

We are so thankful the weather has snapped and we are able to get the hell out of this house!!! What have you guys been doing with this above -40 degree weather?


  1. That picture of just her, I can't handle the cuteness!

  2. cute pictures! & I like the redesign- nice and clean :)

  3. What a beautiful family you are. Be happy.


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