Monday, April 28, 2014

My Hospital Bag List

One thing I have been meaning to put down for myself for future reference is what I actually needed at the hospital when I had Calliope. I tried to be reasonable and not pack too much because some of the pinterest lists are RIDICULOUS.

This is what I actually loved having at the hospital with me.

A lightweight robe- my sister got me a cheap wal-mart one for christmas (in black, in case of blood)
Nursing tank top- pretty much the whole time I was at the hospital all I wore was a nursing tank and the robe, which I pulled up when I was in bed to not bleed on it.
Flip Flops- for showering/quick trips around the room
Fuzzy socks with grips on the bottom- if my dad's cellulitus taught me anything it is NEVER touch a hospital floor barefoot...just in case.

Chap Stick- for the love of god, take chap stick, I never use it, ever, but it was suggested to me and for the love of everything holy it was the most useful thing I brought. Something about an ice chip only diet for 15 hours that makes chap stick heavenly.
Loufa- So good for the scrubbing. Scrubbing is amazing.
Travel size toiletries- nothing felt as good as that first shower.

Cell Phone

Oh hell, was that list too short for you? Sorry it was pretty and full of pinteresty goodness but that's the way the cookie crumbled.

I didn't turn on the TV once, I didn't have time to read a book, I didn't wear pants, let alone brand new pants I've bought specifically for the birthing of said child and most of my "free" time was spent staring at, taking pictures of, and updating family and friends with updates on the baby child.

If there was one thing I'd tell moms about to go into the hospital, it's that they are fully ready to deliver a baby to a woman that comes in a hospital with only her purse. Just spend as much time as you can accepting the fact that this tiny human suddenly belongs to you, and pinch that little baby ass as many times as possible. Nothing in the world is as cute as a fresh baby butt (though nothing is as remarkable as fresh baby moving fingers).


  1. Amazing advice! Even I am fretting as to what to take and I'm a second time mom. In my defense, I had my first born in a different state and was completely under prepared. I am actually packing my bag later today and this blog post popped up at the perfect time. Thanks for the timing Emma. You rock!

  2. I'm a big fan of a spartan hospital bag! I got a new robe and new slippers last time around, and I loved having those.

  3. You are so smart: "If there was one thing I'd tell moms about to go into the hospital, it's that they are fully ready to deliver a baby to a woman that comes in a hospital with only her purse."

    I think that's all I had. I wasn't supposed to be giving birth yet and thought I'd be coming home the same day after getting some things under control. Family can bring anything you really need. Traveling light is always easier.

    So glad you had a good stay with plenty of baby butt and fingers. :-)

  4. I used only 5% of the things I packed in the hospital bag. I don't think I even changed clothes. I was so overwhelmed by the process of it all.


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