Monday, August 11, 2014


I have sat down to write this post about 600 times.

Then I get sad, or barfed on, or pooped on, or the mailman comes, or my phone goes off, or I pass out in my recliner.

Motherhood, ya know?

To start, today I officially have been blessed with half of a year of awesomeness with my Callie Kay. I can not fathom how six months happened. I mean, look at this!

This summer has not been what we planned. Honestly, it has been very, very hard. To adapt to my lower income, Nate took on a second job. That job did not pay him when they said they were going to so we fell behind and are still playing catch up on life. On top of that, we never saw each other, like...ever. We did go away for one weekend this summer, but everything has been kind of tainted.

Our house is currently grieving. Along with the typical friend purge that happens around a major life event (wedding, children), someone very close to us has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer which is a new experience for both Nate and myself. We have never had a prolonged death before- only sudden. So we have spent as much time this summer as possible spending time with our loved ones and wrapping our heads around what an impact it will make on our life.

Our summer, which was previously planned to be full of gardening, camping, exploring and adventure with the new baby has turned into a lot of pouring over excel spreadsheets, a lot of time in the car, and a lot of emotional talks.

Not exactly the best way to spend the 12 weeks Michigan gives us before dropping us back into the abyss that is Winter.

We did take Callie on her first camping trip, it was so much fun and I feel like she did really well. Seamus on the other hand, would have rather stayed in the car. She joined him once in awhile because if you check our instagram, you'll see that those two are the best of friends.

You know who her other best friend is?

This guy.

And yes, that is a pink batgirl costume.

Ontop of all the day to day stuff going on- almost every major appliance has broken in this house this summer- so fixing things has been pretty much how we spend our days.

So, I guess the long and the short of it now, because there is so much to say, I don't know where to start, follow us on instagram. I post at least once a day as it's an easy way for me to keep everyone updated without having to sift through my thoughts. Right now they're just not my favorite place to be left alone with. Although this week I was able to lift my head up, put on my big girl panties, and I did and sundried about 10 loads of laundry.

We're pulling ourselves up, but please forgive us while we're down.