Sunday, September 28, 2014

How to "Install" Plastic Snaps

Today we are going to talk about how I needed a new toy, and I bought one.

That's right, of all the things in the world I wanted, I decided I needed a plastic snap installer for baby shit.

YEAH. After about 5 posts since Callie was born, I sat on the floor in her room and played with plastic snaps while Callie did this.

Cause she does that now.

I also realized while doing this and taking pictures that I didn't vacuum the rug before doing this. Bad plan. Because it's Seamus' rug.

For reals. So, real hair alert.

Now, whip your head around, and re-freaking-wind to my baby shower when I opened a box of about 20 handmade flannel bibs from my mom and sister. They were tacky and amazing and made out of my mom's scrap fabric stash. So, my mom says, "Those are your ugly bibs." and I said, "why do I need ugly bibs?" and she said, "You'll find out soon."

And yes, yes I did.

The bibs that match outfits and stuff are all fine and cute for when you're out and about to catch drool, but when your kid is flinging green beans, you'd like them naked with an ugly bib on.

There was only one problem...and it wasn't really a problem until about a week ago. The damn kid figured out how to rip the bib off. Granted, it was easily done since they were only held on with a little velcro circle, but still, I was offended. Almost as offended as I am grossed out by my camera picking up the dog hair.

So, I had been doing some research into how to make different baby crafts, and they all required some kind of velcro or snap. And since Callie already established she was more powerful than the velcro, I thought it might be a good investment to buy the snap installer thing. Plus side? It was 40% off at Joann's when I went in to look at it (though now I'm seeing online they're 50% off so that bothers me...)

I bought the pliers and then I bought white snaps, because I figured they go with everything- although they do have cute colored ones if I become an addict.

First things first on fixing the bibs (which if you're interested in making are just flannel-batting-flannel sewed around a bib shape)- I used my seam-ripper to remove the velcro.

Then, I laid the bib sides over each other and poked a hole with the awl.

Now, when you're actually installing your snap sides, you need to think a little bit. They come all mixed in in one bag so make sure you grab two thumb tack looking things, one innie and one outie. And, you know, make sure you install them so your project snaps flat.

Then insert your thumbtack so it's facing OUT and your snap part going the same direction. The spike will fit through that little hole you made.

Then fit this into your pliers, the thumbtack side goes into the black side of the pliers.

Give her a squeeze, and repeat with the other side of your project.

...TA-DAH! SNAPS. (and dog-hair.)

Snap them should hear a pop if they're installed tightly enough. If not, just give them another squeeze with the pliers.

Here is the velcro and snap side-by-side for comparison.

I don't know about you guys, but I think the snap looks MUCH better. And, best thing is, she can't rip them off!

 The whole process took only a couple minutes per bib and I was able to do the whole project on her floor while she played near by.

Although when I wasn't looking she snuck under her crib. Movers, man. Gotta watch them.

I know that $15 in supplies is kind of silly for fixing bibs, which is why I have a lot more projects planned with these snaps. Looking forward to sharing all my ideas with you guys- I JUST WANNA BLOG, GUYS. I MISS BLOGGING.

What have all my homie's been up to? I miss you crazy bitches. Tell me things.


  1. So glad to see a post from you. Love the bibs. Your daughter is truly loved by her family. Hugs.LN

  2. Nice work, lady! Good to see a blog post from you too! Love it when I find a new tool that's super simple and makes life easier. And don't even get me started on the dog hair! Ugh! It's almost impossible to keep up with around here. BTW, Callie kinda melts my heart 💗

  3. I get so excited when I see a post from you! And now I want to put snaps on things because it looks easy and fun. Although I'm a slack ass who hardly ever uses bibs; I just take Abe's shirt off when he eats messy stuff

  4. your baby is stinkin' adorable. for realsies.


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