Monday, February 17, 2014

So It's My Due Date

This past week, the craziest thing happened.

You see, I had this large frontal obstruction that was quite cumbersome and in the way of life...

And then, suddenly, I didn't have it anymore. Instead, I had this.

That's right! Last Tuesday, the 11th at 10:35, we welcomed our little girl into the world.

We named her Calliope (Cal-eye-oh-pee) after the greek goddess. Nate and I are both literature nerds, so we loved that Calliope is the goddess of epic poetry. The Iliad, Odyssey? Yeah, those were mused by her.

Everything is going great and we are adjusting to life as new parents. The dogs are hysterical about it and they're completely in love with her. If you follow us over on IG you can see the day to day while we get back in the swing of things. Also, tons and tons of dog/baby pictures :)

Nate and Callie are the best together. Completely heart melting.

And because she is adorable, here she is with a giant bow on her head. (Thank you Kenzie for the beautiful swaddling cloth)

We hope to be back at it soon, though we have no intention of missing any of this. Luckily with my mom visiting for so long, we were able to get quite the backlog of projects.

I hope you all are doing wonderful! I'm off to snuggle my daughter (too weird)- Thank you all who have congratulated us on social media as well!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nursery- February 2014

With the "impending doom" as we are calling it of our little one joining the family next week, I have declared the nursery "good enough". Yes, there are still things that need to get done (and yes, Nate still needs to lug some construction materials out of there) but at the end of the day, Wook isn't going to care that we didn't get the crown installed, or the chair rail up. She's going to care that she has a clean sheet, a nice changing pad, diapers on her butt, and a quiet place to hang out with a boob.

Plus, with my awesome mom here helping me out, we have finished the crib bedding (and someone is lucky enough to have two awesome grandmas who EACH made her a wild thing quilt. The one in these pictures is the one CQ and I finished last night, you've all seen the one Nate's mom made for us on IG a few weeks ago) we've washed the diapers and we've fluffed the recliner. It is crazy to think of this room as the dark, evil, maple leaf room of death that I hated so much I never went in there to it now being somewhere I go to read a golden book and talk to my tummy.

My Mom also made a lot of this stuff, and by popular demand, I've made her a blog (though right now I mostly just stole recipes that she had posted on her facebook so I could use them....) and I'll be showing her how to post tutorials and stuff that I'll be linking to as we get them done.

So, since I took about a zillion pictures (since once Wookie actually lives in there I know it won't look like this) let's go on in to Wookie's Room.

When you walk into the room you can see straight back to the playroom and out the back window. I added ruffles to IKEA curtains, as well as making the curtain in the playroom. The painting was given to us by a childhood friend at one of my baby showers.

If we go in and rotate to the left, there is the crib- with the bedding and mobile that CQ made (which again I'll post links to her tutorials) on this wall we still need to add a chair railing to separate the two types of walls.

The bedding is custom that we designed together one afternoon at JoAnn fabrics using their Wild Thing line. apparently "they" are telling people to only use breathable bumpers nowadays so we decided to make a custom crib sheet to give the illusion of a bumper while still staying safe.

The crib skirt is made from yellow seer sucker and a white eyelet gathered tier. We hung it under the crib using a tension rod. The orange in the sheet is picked up in the polka dotted rug from IKEA.

The Grandma CQ quilt is a bunting design made from the different fabrics in the room as well as a few vintage ones from CQ's stash.

This corner of the room also has a window, which is usually filled by Bridget, who is making sure shit doesn't go down.

With another twist, we see the IKEA dresser/changing table with giant Wild Thing art that is flanked by the closet and the door to the hallway.

On our final turn we see the other dresser in the room. It's nice and small- perfect for onesies. Nate also changed the light fixture in here. We have it shoved over to one side so we can use the outlet for some of her stuff. The mirror may get painted eventually, but for now I like the wood.

On top of the dresser we have a print that makes me think of my little baby, her monitor, sound machine and terrier piggy bank. ...Because every girl needs a terrier piggy bank.

Tomorrow I will post the attached play room. But for now, excuse me while I go fold tiny tiny clothes and sing songs in her happy, but subtle Wild Thing room. The dogs will be waiting if you need anything.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Living Room- February 2014

One of the best things happening right now is that my mom (AKA CQ) has been here on baby watch for the last two weeks. Yep, she's already been here two weeks since a certain little lady has been given the go-ahead to come whenever she is ready. (She is however protesting the ridiculous winter and has yet to make an appearance- though would you leave a hot tub to come hang out in the coldest winter Michigan has had in like 100 years?)

One of the hardest things about the pregnancy has been my fatigue and stiffness. Even though I tried to keep up with things, my energy was pretty well drained by the time I got home from work. And while Nate tried to help me he was working 60+ hours most of the pregnancy all while taking 13 hours at school. Needless to say, the house has suffered.

And by suffered, I mean, put me on hoarders.

Usually my house is not tidy, but it is always clean.

Folks, my house is FILTHY. Real life. I just couldn't keep up, I couldn't do it and having three dogs certainly didn't help the matter. My mom has been here and has spent 10 days cleaning and it's just starting to look like my house again.

Yes, you read that right, TEN DAYS OF CLEANING.

We've finally killed all the old issues and are able to do maintenance in some rooms. I was so stressed about how messy the house was that I didn't feel right bringing a baby into the house, let alone the jillion people that will be coming to look at said baby. So between the 3.5 of us (Wookie counts as half because she's been quite the obstacle for me) we have found the majority of the house.

This means I can now show you a few changes that have happened that I never blogged about. Partly out of laziness, and partly out of that it didn't feel like it warranted a whole post.

And, since this will be the cleanest my house will have been in about a year- I'll be updating the Home Tour as we go through these rooms too.

So, yesterday, we finally conquered the fireplace/living room that we made over with all of your suggestions. This room never got that bad since Nate and I spend most of our time in here we made sure to keep it generally tidy, but it does look substantially better.

Now, if you remember, this room has a 6 foot tall corner fireplace on one wall between two giant doorways as well as two large windows.

The wall of the fireplace is painted "Seal" by Martha Stewart and houses our ombre vine we made.

To the left of the fireplace is the front hallway, which we will do more in depth later this week. You can, however sneak a peek that we took the dining room chandelier and moved it into the hallway.

We still have the same recliner from Home Goods and the Ottoman is from T.J. Maxx. The coats are hanging on a coatrack I made in 8th grade (There were three girls in shop sounded more fun to me than the other options! Should have been a "You-Love-DIY" sign) The tray is the same one we painted last year.

If you swing around, the rest of the room is painted "Snowfall" by Behr. There, you will see our Karlstad, which we love. My only complaint with it is the cover we got. We thought the brown fabric would hold up well to dog claws, which it has, but I hate that it isn't machine washable. It is actually on our to-do list to go purchase a washable cover. I just wish they'd make a brown one! (I think the only options right now are green and a gray/denim) However we still love that it's low enough to not block all of our windows and that the clean lines speak to our very square house. Plus, if 4 adults and 5 dogs can fit on it, it was totally a good investment, right? (Game night at our house is ridiculous...)

The pillows are a mix of purchased at Home Goods and three-seam pillows that I made (some of which are new).

This is where you can see the most change. For one, we replaced our curtain rods and hung them a little higher. I actually found these at Burlington Coat Factory (who knew?) for cheaper than they would have been at Home Goods, I think I paid $13 a piece for the rods and you just can't do better than that. We got them in black to mimic the hands on the clock and the iron fireplace. We still have our shower curtains up, though I'm starting to get bored of them...because I apparently have curtain problems.

We also replaced our jute rug. Don't get me wrong, I freaking LOVE jute rugs (especially for the price at World Market) but the dogs had gotten sick on the one in the living room numerous times (I know, so gross) and it was stained and just dirty from wear and nothing I could do could save it. This is just a $50 rug from Wal-Mart, but the house instantly smelled better, and it is proving to vacuum cleaner than the jute. I'm fully aware they won't last forever, but for $50- they're dander free, barf residue free, and I feel much better about tummy time.

On the wall, we are still rocking our DIY Giant Clock, which while we did have to replace the motor, Coastal Tide Clocks was awesome enough to let us know our motor came with a one year warranty and they sent us a new mechanism for free. They are wonderful.

If we swing around again, you can see the full couch the flanks the two walls and the Heywood table (which we still love). The lamp was one of our first projects in the house- I'm thinking of painting it a little more gold than yellow this summer, we'll see if that actually happens. The owl is from Home Goods. We also have a basket under it from Target that houses the dogs toys (when they're nice enough to put them away). The end table on this side is a little storage ottoman we picked up from a thrift store in Traverse City.

There are only a few more things I would like to do to this room before I can call it "done", including building a sofa table for behind under the clock, as well as replacing the fan which swings like a guillotine when on high. I'd also love to hang up Nate's Dad's acoustic guitars.

And there we have it, a CLEAN, ORGANIZED, and CLUTTER FREE living room to bring the baby home too! Woo! GO TEAM.