Do It, Write!

Do It, Write! Or DIW is our reader contributed blog posts about budget projects they have completed around their home.

If you have a DIW you would like to share, please e-mail us at!

April 2013: Stephanie's Wall
March 2013: Erin's Stairs
February 2013: Bobbi's Mirror
January 2013: Denise's Laundry Storage
January 2013: Cora's Kitchen
January 2013: Stephanie's Stripey Sunroom
November 2012: Misha's Rose Lights
November 2012: Mayra's Fireplace
November 2012: Cora's Garage Mudroom
October 2012: Kenz's Map Art
October 2012: Shellie's Kitchen
September 2012: Adrienne's Door
September 2012: Maggie's Painted Tiles
August 2012: Shalley's Drawers

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