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What paint colors do you use?

Right now we have a limited selection of colors in our house (including some colors that came from other owners so we don't know what those are...) But here's where we are.

Do you have a favorite painters tape?

Frog Tape. Definitely.  You can read more about our preferred painting products here

How old is the house?

Our house was built in 1905- getting older every day!

Why did you buy your house if it's so old?

We both grew up in old houses so we have a love and appreciation for them that we don't have for newer homes. It's not that we don't like new homes, they just don't make our hearts go pitter pat when we walk through the door. You can read more about buying our houses here

Do you have any land if you're in an urban area?

We have a nice postage stamp that the dogs have managed to kill. Luckily we have an awesome park in our neighborhood. Green space we don't have to take care of- that's a plus.

What do you know about your house?

Not a lot. We know how old she is, and we know what kind of people would have lived here when it was built (aka probably factory owners) We know that it's not haunted (which is weird for an old house- and yes we're weird like that we have both been in haunted houses before, but not necessarily by bad people. Nate's grandparents lived in a house where the Lady would open and close doors and open windows to let the breeze in- joys of owning an old house) and we know there's been a lot of modification to it and some restoration. Other than that we don't know anything. If anyone knows where to start looking we'd love to know more about it, we just have no idea where to start.

When did you buy your house?

We closed on our house in June of 2012. 


Are either of you interior designers?

Ha. No, no we aren't. Nate is a factory worker that is going to night school and Emma is an office manager for an IT company, we just don't see why we can't have a beautiful house too. 

How do we submit projects?

Please submit projects! I love seeing what people have done! E-mail us your projects at lansingbrokeasshome (at) gmail.com

How do I advertise with you?

We're in the beginning stages of accepting ads. Please contact us for more information. We're learning as we go.

Why'd you start blogging?

Because we were pretty sure people were getting sick of seeing a new facebook album every day.


You can learn a lot about us here, but we'll share a little info here too.

Who are you?

We are Nate and Emma. Hi. Nice to meet you.

How long have you guys been together?

We met in 2009 and got married in 2010.

Where are you?

We are in the Lansing area of Michigan.

Why are you there?

That's a good question. We have no idea- we just kind of landed here because of the awesome housing prices and it's where we both had jobs.

What the hell are those dogs?

Those are our babies; Bridget (orange), Seamus (blue), and Teagan (black) you can read more about them here They are all Irish Terrier mixes and they are all rescues (opt to adopt!)

Do you have any kids? When are you having kids? Can we talk about kids? (basically a lot of  questions about babies)

We do not have children. We do want children. To date, we have not been lucky enough to have children due to health issues. We are taking care of our issues, and we are also not putting our life on hold while we wait for magic pee. We do, however, keep adopting dogs.


Where do you shop?

We don't shop at weird secret places so our look can be very easily replicated! Our home is a mix of these stores mostly (though if we go into a weird store and find something awesome we'll get it)

Cost Plus World Market
Home Goods/TJ Maxx/ Marshalls
Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Thrift Stores

What is your favorite place to score vintage items in the Lansing Area?

Habitat Restore (the ones in Midland and St. Johns are awesome) hands down. They tend to screen the stuff they get more than the local goodwills and salvos.

If you have any other questions that you'd like us to answer, please let us know!

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