Meet the Brokers

A Haiku!

we are so broke
but we bought a house anyway
now comes all the fun.

We are Nate and Emma. Accompanied by our little girl, Callie, and three scruffs, Bridget, Seamus, and Teagan, we are on a quest to live in and design our 1905 Federal home in Central Michigan.

Nate is currently going to school for HVAC/R and spends his days working for an obvious but shall not be named car company.

Emma works as an Office Manager part time and stays home with Callie as much as possible (someone has got to watch Seamus...)

When we first started this blog, it was about redoing our home, which we have named Blue. Buying her was fast paced and crazy, living in her is slow and enjoyable. Although, in our house there is never a dull moment. As with most families in America, the economy has hit us pretty hard, so we are scaling back and enjoying the cheaper things in life which we hope to share with everyone else.

Take a look through our lives and let us know what you think! And PLEASE, contribute, so we don't feel like the only broke people on the planet.

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Also, we want to take a minute to state that we are not trained in anything DIY (other than what a couple months of Habitat for Humanity can teach you). We do not know what we're doing and we do make it up as we go more often than not. This blog is not to be used as a solitary reference material. If you are going to attempt any project that we have documented, please do additional research before doing some stupid (I.E: Anything beginning with the words, "I saw this thing that Emma & Nate did....") as we can't be held liable for any shenanigans you get involved in or injuries that result from it.



  1. Nice to meet ya! I read a few posts and will definitely be following you to see how the rest of the house goes. I, too, am on a budget after we bought our house (before the market went to you know where and interest rates fell and all that stuff) and then had a surprise baby. So while we still have big plans for the house, we have nothing for a budget. Great title!

    1. BTW: I know it doesn't mean much, but thanks for fighting the fight to stay in your home. It's homeowners like you that make neighborhoods great :)

  2. Cute blog! Glad to see that someone else is broke like us! Bad part is I did not used to be broke, but due to circumstances beyond my control (a divorce, single mother, drug addicted ex husband)well, you get the picture. BTW I am happily remarried to a man who makes me way happier, but has way less money! Anyway, we just bought our first house together and I am trying to make it awesome on pretty much no money. Good luck on your adventures!

    1. Thank you Nicki! I hope you find some inspiration for your new home. Happy people are usually the brokest :)

  3. So nice to find your blog :) I'm from Michigan too (Kalamazoo) and will soon be looking for my own place, and hoping to fix it up somehow on a wish and a prayer, so I'll be checking in for some inspiration!

    1. Oh, how great! There's some BEAUTIFUL places down there- nice old houses.

  4. You guys seem like such fun! I love the casual, say it like it is, feel to your blog. So relatable. I too am broke haha! But hey, there are worse things.

    Best of luck with your DIYs, I'll be reading along. Please check out my blog if you have a minute. I just started it :)


    1. Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping in! I will totally check out your blog- welcome to the famfam!

  5. I just found your blog from another blog :) My husband and I bought our house a few years ago.. and have no money to make it my pretty pinterest dream lol. And we also have two big fur babies too! Love your blog!

  6. Just found your site and I love it!

  7. Just saw the words "Fall in Michigan" on one of your posts, and I am hooked. I am no longer broke ass, though it took 25 years of marriage together before we managed that! I still remember. Glad to meet you...

    Mary from metro Detroit

    1. Hi Mary!

      Thanks for coming by- I hope you stay with us, I love locals!

  8. Ran across your blog as I was trolling the net looking for the perfect grey - i'm testing BM Sidewalk Grey so we'll see - I have an old house in Jersey CIty NJ and no $ either but there's no surprise! What I can do for myself I do 'cause there's tons of stuff I cant that I have to pay for! LOL! Anyway love your projects!

  9. Hi from Waroona, Western Australia. Buying a house here left us close to broke (as houses do, lol)
    I found your blog while looking for cheap inspirations (Thank you) Your intro is gorgeous, I really felt like I was sitting down having a cuppa with a new neighbour.
    Then I saw the pic of you two in your red flannies and fell in love, I'm pinning you as we speak (when I was a kid "pinning" was considered a threat, lol)
    Gratefully & Gleefully Kristie

  10. Hi Nate and Emma, I just found your blog and I just have to say, you are hilarious!!! I LOVE old houses, they are the best but also the ones that will eat your budget fast, haha! I'm a wife of 27 years, a mom to two grown children and have two beautiful granddaughters, aged 2 and 3! I can tell I am going to enjoy reading your blog and getting a glimpse of your lives! Oh, I'm way down south in good ole' Mississippi! Nice to meet y'all!

  11. You will be pleased to know that I've come to your blog universe via Pinterest. Someone has linked you.
    Anyway, I'm liking the cool ideas aspect ~ I'm trying to get my shit together household wise & am brokeass as well. I have a blog I started a few months ago and neglected, but your posts about what you found works in your home has got me thinking of posting some of my "LookWhatIDid!" improvements.


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